There is no such thing as ‘Buddhist Recovery’

Hungry Ghost Retreats

Although I have used the word ‘recovery’ throughout this website [and the Hungry Ghost booklet], I am increasingly uncomfortable with this term.  The Buddhist universal characteristic of impermanence implies that there is nothing to recover; we are a work-in-progress; we cannot go backwards!   It may be better to describe this process as ‘Life after Addictions’, or simply as ‘Awakening’ or […]

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Personal mentoring is now available

Every attendee at Hungry Ghost retreat is invited to partake of a personal 1-to-1 mentoring interview (usually between 20-30 minutes). Further interview sessions are available by pre-arrangement.  These sessions may be in person face-to-face or via Skype and last 1-hour. There is no cost for these sessions but you are invited to offer Dana as you see fit. Click here […]

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What’s the difference?

'Sit-and-Share' Meetings

What’s the difference between the Fifth Precept fellowship and Hungry Ghost retreats? Fifth Precept Sangha (Fellowship) : is a Peer Led, mutual-help organisation that uses Buddhist mindfulness teachings and practices to help people make a wholehearted recovery from the suffering caused by addictive behaviours. This approach encourages individual commitment to total-abstinence and includes peer led ‘Sit-and-Share’ recovery meetings – Hungry Ghost Recovery Retreats […]

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2014 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

  “I have another tool to add to my AA toolbox.  I’ve been aware of mindfulness and loving-kindness the quite a while and now I have a deeper understanding of how this practice will enable me to find another level of peace and serenity.”   [easymedia-slider-one med=”1316″]   “I’m feeling lighter, and my mind feels cleared.  I’m starting to understand […]

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2014 February – Everyday Nirvana at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

  “I am feeling… Very good… Retreat reaffirms some issues especially about following my own intuitions, path etc.  Feel relaxed, revived, re-energised.”   [easymedia-slider-one med=”1453″]   “I am feeling… Grateful, breathing in and out, moving forward a step at a time.”   “I liked the retreat because… It was just so unexpected; I loved the freedom, flexibility; Vince you are […]

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2013 October – Being Human at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Mindful Recovery - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at Sunyata Centre Ireland (October 2013) with Vince Cullen

“I feel strong, renewed, positive and optimistic.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all of the wonderful things in my life and a sense of joy which I have not felt before.  I have never understood concept of self-love until this retreat because I could not see anything about myself to love, because my standards about what was lovable […]

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2013 July – Being Human at Conforti Institute – Scotland

Mindful Recovery - 2013 July - Being Human at Conforti Institute - Scotland with Vince Cullen

“Definitely got to have a good look inside my own head.  Able to understand a lot of the chaos.  Able to let go of some old ghosts.  Able to be a lot more forgiving of myself and all around me.  Able to change some of the fear and confusion into love and kindness.  Did get to do a lot of […]

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2013 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Mindful Recovery - 2013 March - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation Thailand with Vince Cullen

  “I really enjoyed the ‘Sit-and-Share’, and just the time to be able to practice different forms of meditation while in recovery.  I really thank you for your beautiful program, this has helped a lot.  Many blessings.”   [easymedia-slider-one med=”1507″]   “Yes.  I’ve been inspired to continue my practice and to go for an intensive retreat (10 days) someday.”   […]

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2012 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation Thailand (March 2012)

33C in the shade but it was an interesting and rewarding retreat in so many ways 🙂 [easymedia-slider-one med=”856″] The second ‘Hungry Ghost’ retreat was over 3-days at New Life Foundation (international mindfulness community) in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

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2011 June – Sajja & Sila Retreat at The Barn – England

Hungry Ghost Retreat - Sajja and Sila at the Barn Retreat - June 2011

The 1st Hungry Ghost Mindful Recovery Retreat Mindful Recovery Retreat at the Barn Buddhist Rural Retreat: This inaugural ‘Sajja & Sila Retreat’ was a very special week that I shall never forget. May your Sajja always be strong, May your Sajja never be broken, May your Sajja protect you from danger, May your Sajja bring you all the gifts you […]

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