Everyone on the Buddhist path is waking up – or in recovery – from greed, from hatred and from delusion; these are the inherent pre-conditions, biases and distortions of all human beings. For some of us, these factors manifest in our lives – to a greater or lesser degree – as particular cravings or aversions, and always they are accompanied by an awful lot of confusion!


>>  The Heart of Forgiveness Programme (6 x 2-hour workshops ONLINE)
>>  Waking Up (1-day)

>>  Serenity and Insight (1-day)
>> Living from the Heart (3-day / weekend)
>>  Being Human (5/6-days)
>>  Everyday Nirvana (5-days)
>> RECORDINGS : Foundations of Awakening and Recovery <<

Retreat Information

>>  Retreat-Workshop Schedule
>>  Retreat Overview
>>  Retreat Commitment [Sajja]

What’s the difference between the Fifth Precept fellowship and Hungry Ghost retreats?

Fifth Precept Sangha (Fellowship): is a Peer-Led, mutual-help organisation that uses Buddhist mindfulness teachings and practices to help people make a wholehearted recovery from the suffering caused by addictive behaviours. This approach encourages individual commitment to total-abstinence and includes peer-led ‘Sit-and-Share’ recovery meetings –

Hungry Ghost Recovery Retreats: are an opportunity to explore some of the principles and practices of the Fifth Precept Organisation (Sangha) approach to recovery, harm reduction and relapse prevention within a retreat setting –

Download: Hungry Ghost Retreats Schedule [PDF]