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Your Retreat Commitment (Sajja)

Just as our recovery requires our complete wholehearted commitment and our full effort, so does attendance on any Hungry Ghost Retreat.  It is a requirement of acceptance on retreat that you attend for the whole retreat and take part in all sessions. If you are not an ‘early morning person’ then this retreat is not for you.

Harmlessness : I will act in accordance with the Five Precepts for the duration of the retreat –

  • I will not harm myself or anyone else.
  • I will not take anything that has not been freely given.
  • I will be maintain respectful and proper sexual boundaries.
  • I will speak truthfully and kindly.
  • I will not take drugs or alcohol.

For the ‘Everyday Nirvana‘ retreat at the Sunyata Buddhist Centre we will adopt the Eight Precept model of practice by adding three more training guidelines to the normal Five Precepts:

  • I will not wear make-up, perfume or strongly-scented deodorant, jewellery or immodest clothing; I will not play radios, music tapes or musical instruments.
  • I will not overindulge in sleep.
  • I will not eat after our main meal at lunchtime.

Attendance : I will be present at all sessions.

Time keeping : I will be on time for all retreat activities.

Silent Periods : I will observe and respect all silent times.

Smoking : I will not smoke during the retreat. If I must then I will not smoke on site. I will smoke alone and in silence.  I will be mindful of the harm that I am doing to myself.  Smoking will not be a social event.

Telephone :  I will power-off my mobile telephone or hand it in to the Retreat Manager for safe keeping.

Internet : I will power-off all electronic devices including tablets, laptops and mobile phones or hand them in to the Retreat Manager for safe keeping.

Canteen :  I will only access the Dining Room during the designated times, that is,

After Sit-and-Share meeting before lights out/silence at 21:30pm

Hot Drinks : I will only make hot drinks during mealtimes and designated ‘tea meditation’ times.  I will not take hot drinks outside of the Dining Room

Dormitory Respect :  I will not enter the rooms or dormitory of the opposite gender without the express permission of the Retreat Manager or Teacher.

Karmic Consequences :  I know and accept that I am the owner of my thoughts, words and actions. I know and accept the consequences of not keeping the retreat rules.  I know and accept that I may be asked to leave the retreat if my words or actions are inappropriate.  The Retreat Manager’s decision will be final.

Hungry Ghost Retreats Sajja

Hungry Ghost Retreats Sajja


Download: Hungry Ghost Retreats Schedule [PDF]