What is “Buddhist Recovery” ?

What is Buddhist Recovery with Vince Cullen (Hungry Ghost Retreats & Nalagiri House)

What are the Defining Characteristics of Buddhist Recovery?

Disclaimer! “My views and opinions are simply that; views and opinions. They are subject to change over time; and they are not necessarily the Truth.”

Kevin Griffin, Noah Levine, Vimalasara and myself each had about 10-minutes to share our thoughts on ‘Buddhist Recovery’. But that’s not enough time!

In short, for me, ‘Buddhist Recovery’ is an embodied intentionality (Sajja) intrinsically linked to ethically-focussed mindfulness (Sati). But watch the video(s) on the Buddhist Recovery Summit channel and see what you think.

The latest version of the ‘Hungry Ghost booklet’ can be downloaded here >>

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human – Waking Up to this Life (PDF)

This short booklet is a work-in-progress and is intended primarily as a hand-out at Hungry Ghost Retreats, and secondly as a handbook for the Fifth Precept Sangha.  I’m trying to keep the booklet to 40-pages in length as I have to consider the conciseness and relevance of the content, as well as the cost of printing!

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