Invitations to teach are welcome

Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost Retreats - Nalagiri House
Hungry Ghost Mindful Recovery Retreats - Teacher Vince Cullen

Invitations to teach are welcome!

Having left full-time employment and moved to live in Ireland, I am now open to invitations to teach Hungry Ghost retreats in 2021 and 2022.  I would like to integrate any new teaching commitments into a mindful travel itinerary with my currently planned teaching and study commitments. With this in mind, I am particularly interested in – but not limited to – teaching in the following locations:

USA (California and the west coast)
Australia (Sydney and surrounds)
New Zealand (Auckland)
Hong Kong

I am happy to offer either of the 5-day retreats, ‘Being Human‘ or ‘Everyday Nirvana‘. Depending upon my final schedule, day-long ‘Waking Up‘ or ‘Serenity & Insight‘ workshops or a weekend retreat such as ‘Living from The Heart‘ may also be possible.

I cannot accept every invitation but the more that I have then the more chance of being able to schedule several retreats together, mindful of and keeping to a minimum my carbon footprint.

Please contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.

Vince Cullen and Kevin Griffin at Sunyata Buddhist Centre

Vince Cullen and Kevin Griffin at Sunyata Buddhist Centre