Living from the Heart

Kindness, Compassion, Joy-gladness and Balance… 

‘Living from the Heart’ is a 3-day intensive residential mindfulness-based retreat that is offered as an opportunity to experience an ethically focussed, Buddhist-oriented approach to filling every area of our life with kindness (Metta), compassion (Karuna), joy-gladness (Mudita) and equanimity (Upekkha).

The next Hungry Ghost retreat – ‘Living from the Heart’ will be: see Schedule.

Hungry Ghost Retreat - Metta [ Loving-kindness ]

Metta [ Loving-kindness ]

Hungry Ghost Retreat - Karuna [ Compassion ]

Karuna [ Compassion ]

This retreat takes its inspiration from one of the Buddha’s most famous talks, the advice that he gave ‘To the Kalamas’ (The Kalama Sutta). Therefore the essential practices of Loving-kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity – for healing the heart-mind in everyday life – will be central to the weekend’s practice.

Hungry Ghost Retreat - Mudita [ Joy-Gladness ]

Mudita [ Joy-Gladness ]

The weekend will start at 6.00 pm with supper then a welcome talk at 7:30 pm. The retreat will close by 4:00 pm on Sunday.

Booking is essential, so to ensure a place, please contact the relevant retreat centre – see the schedule.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a Buddhist to practice kindness or forgiveness, meditation or mindfulness. People of all faiths or none are welcome on this retreat.

Hungry Ghost Retreat - Upekkha [ Equanimity ]

Upekkha [ Equanimity ]

Some potential learning outcomes of this retreat

• Learning to stay with the uncomfortable – Right Now It’s Like This !?

• A continued deepening of one’s own mindfulness meditation practice as a basic attitude in everyday life.

RETREAT COMMITMENT:  My commitment to each retreat is to prepare and share my formulation of these teachings for everyone’s benefit. However, we create a retreat together when we show up for ourselves and for each other. Retreatants are expected to adhere to the ‘Retreat Commitment’.  Just as our ‘waking-up’ requires our complete wholehearted commitment and our full effort, so does attendance on any Hungry Ghost Retreat.  It is a requirement on the retreat that you attend for the whole retreat and take part in all sessions. For example, if you are not an ‘early morning person’ then this retreat is not for you.

A Commitment to Harmlessness:

As for all retreats, retreatants are required to commit to the Five Universal Precepts (harmless conduct) for the duration of the day:

  • To refrain from harming any living being
  • To refrain from taking what is not offered
  • To refrain from sexual and sensual misconduct
  • To refrain from false speech (including idle gossip, harsh and divisive speech)
  • To refrain from taking substances which disturb the balance of the mind.

DANA: I offer this retreat freely in accordance with the Buddhist tradition of Dana (the cultivation and practice of the virtue of generosity) where you are invited to contribute financially to the teachings and the mentoring provided based on your individual income and the value that you place on what has been offered. My livelihood and the future of ‘Hungry Ghost’ retreats is dependent on the generosity of Dana. There will be more details of this during the retreat.

Hungry Ghost Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat with Vince Cullen - Nalagiri  House

Hungry Ghost Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat with Vince Cullen

Please contact me if you want to need more information.

Download: Hungry Ghost Retreats Schedule [PDF]