From Hungry Ghost to Being Human (Series)

From Hungry Ghost To Being Human Weekly Talks

This is a series of talks and meditations exploring Buddhist-oriented practices and principals that are intended to lead away from avoidable-suffering and to move towards the potential end of avoidable-suffering. The source material is contained in the free ‘From Hungry Ghost To Being Human’ booklet and the ‘Forgiveness Workbook‘ that can be downloaded at

Avoidable-suffering is universal and takes many forms, however, this series of talks may be of particular interest to anyone currently struggling with the three fires of Cravings, Aversions and Confusions.

Vince Cullen

Truth, Karma and Commitment to Awakening

Generosity in Thoughts, Words and Actions

Living in Harmony: Ethics-Harmlessness-Blamelessness

Self-love, Self-compassion, Self-appreciation & Self-balance

Transgression & Forgiveness

Mindfulness & Meditation

Admirable Friends & Fellowship

– OK – Where Do I Go Now?

Full Description of this series of talks can be found on the Hungry Ghost Retreats website at

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