What is enlightenment?

Blue Buddha Image

Today it’s a special episode as we host a great debate between 2 wise old Buddhists – on the merits of AA and alternative recovery programmes, what works? What doesn’t? Whats hokum? Where does Buddhism and the 12 steps fit in with all this?
~ Dave G. (Here’s Tom With The Weather podcast)

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Heart & Soul – Buddhist Detox

Wat Thamkrabok - The Buddhist temple treating drug addiction.

“It is interesting to note that the current Abbot, Phra Atikarn Vichien Gitiwanno, says the herbal medicines are only 20% of the treatment offered. I don’t entirely agree with this percentage, in line with the founding Abbot Luang Por Chamroon Parnchand whom I met in 1998, and I would put the contribution of the herbal treatment at just 5% of the efficacy of the entire programme.” – Vince Cullen

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Everyone Suffers From Mental Illness

Vince Cullen founder Hungry Ghost Retreats talks about Buddhism as part of his life

“Buddhism asserts that everyone suffers from mental illness; that is simply being human; that is the baseline. Thank you, Andy Palmer, for a very enjoyable and wide-ranging exploration of how this reality played and continues to play itself out in my life!” ~ Vince Cullen

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Overcoming Addiction with Buddha Dhamma

Curious Bodhi - Overcoming Addiction with Buddha Dhamma – Interview with Vince Cullen

“Life is stressful, uncomfortable, uncertain, insecure, disappointing, painful.
Life is complicated, boring, impersonal, difficult, distressing, challenging, unfair.
Life isn’t just stressful; in many ways it is traumatic…

…but, on the other hand, life can be a wonderful adventure.” ~ Vince Cullen

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