2017 June – Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu – Nepal

2017 June - Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu - Nepal with Vince Cullen

“Yes, I feel because before this retreat, I didn’t love to me. I hated myself, but after coming in here. I have learned to love myself.” “I learn more things now from this program because it is very useful in our life. We can use it in anywhere. As I am Buddhist, I learn more about Buddhism, I learn what […]

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2017 June – Being Human in Dharamsala – India

2019 September - Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Kunphen Center, Dharamsala, India with Vince Cullen

Hello Mr. Vince, It was very kind of you to conduct the Hungry Ghost Retreat for the second time in Kunphen Center, Dharamsala. We are immensely grateful for taking your time out to connect with us and show our clients the path to recovery. This week long retreat, consisting of various meditation techniques interspersed with qigong (Mindful Movement) has had […]

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