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A personal selection of videos about Wat Thamkrabok:

You can find many, many more on the internet…

Vomiting and vows: Thai temple treats drug addicts [ 1:43 minutes ]

Let’s start with this very short news item (less than 2-minutes) that emphasises the importance of Sajja and after care.  The video can only be played on YouTube https://youtu.be/Zk2IVej_3dA


Then, we can move on to other videos…

Kick Heroin Addiction in 15 Days in Thailand  [ 4:04 minutes ]

Carrie Jeffers later dis-robed and, for a time, joined the international recovery community at New Life Foundation in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

Thamkrabok Warning - do not take drugs into Thailand.

WARNING : The claim of 95% success rate in this video is dangerous and implies a near miracle cure. I understand that Wat Thamkrabok does not make any such claims but would welcome the opportunity to witness evidence to support such remarkable results.

Sajja : Trailer [ 1:40 ]

The whole documentary is not yet released but this trailer gives you some idea of what Katelijne Langezaal has achieved with this short film.

Last Resort Rehab [ 24:36 minutes ]

Again, thankfully, this documentary captures the importance of Sajja, the commitment to follow our Heart’s desire to move away from misery, to move towards the end of misery; without causing any more unnecessary suffering for ourselves or anyone else.

Thamkrabok: The Monastery of the Opium Pipe [ 59:57 minutes ]

One of my favourite documentaries about Wat Thamkrabok (and not just because if you look carefully you might catch a glimpse of a not-so-young novice monk called Phra Vince).

Withdrawal in the Triangle [ 12:20 minutes ]

A short documentary featuring Phra Julien (aka Julien Gryp – now the Director of New Life Foundation International Recovery Community in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand).

Dutch Monk at Wat Thamkrabok [ 9:30 minutes ]

A good Thamkrabok friend the former monk Phra Choo – Eric Moulder – who has now dis-robed and lives in northern Thailand.

Thamkrabok [ 54:01 minutes ]

Thamkrabok Warning - do not take drugs into Thailand.

Warning – do not take drugs into Thailand.

The video called Thamkrabok by eyewhite can only be viewed on YouTube but is worth watching if only for the dangers to note:
  • Do not take drugs into Thailand – you might not be as lucky as Aftab – at best you will be sent straight home; at worst you find yourself in a Thai prison for a very long time.
  • Do not take drugs into Thamkrabok – again, you might not be as lucky as Aftab – at best you will banned from the temple and asked to leave; at worst you find yourself in a Thai prison for a very long time.
  • Do not believe any claims about success rates!

You can watch the documentary ‘Thamkrabok’ here https://youtu.be/yqxRS33ZZ-U and might remember what the 2nd Abbot of Wat Thamkrabok – Luangpor Charoen Parnchand – said many times… “Actions do not die…”

Heroin : Facing the Dragon [ 57:56 minutes ]

A interesting documentary from England.


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