Person Centered Therapy with James Cullen

James is my son and the following is a snippet from his new website at

“The curious paradox is, when I accept myself as I am, then I can change.” ~ Carl Rogers


My name is James. I offer person-centred psychotherapeutic counselling, online and in-person in Exeter.

If I offer a free, no obligation, trial session to help you decide whether you would like to proceed in therapy with me.

I practice person-centred psychotherapeutic counselling, offering myself as a warm, genuine and empathetic companion to my clients. You can read more about my approach here but, in short, compassion in the present moment is its foundation. The outcome is an increase in self-knowledge and self-appreciation, and an enhanced ability to act effectively to bring joy into your life.

People come to therapy for many reasons. You might be experiencing severe feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidality, or desire to self-harm. Perhaps past traumas continue to haunt your life today. You may be looking for support to come through these experiences into a happier, fuller life.

Or perhaps you are feeling lost, alone, uncertain, or are just interested to see what therapy could offer you.

I love my work, and getting to know the people I work with, even though the experience we share is often painful and hard. Whatever your reason for being on this page, I would like to help you live a fuller, happier, more authentic life.

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