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TARA - Thamkrabok Assistance and Recovery Advice

TARA Detox

The official Wat Thamkrabok website is located at www.Wat-Thamkrabok.org where you can find the latest news from this unique Buddhist Temple.

This current page and the pages linked to it on this Hungry Ghost Retreats website are an amalgam of two previous websites [www.TARA-Detox.org] and [www.Thamkrabok.net] both of which were intended to provide independent and slightly different information and advice.

I have merged these previous websites here on the Hungry Ghost Retreats site for a couple of reasons.  Firstly to cut down on the number of websites that I maintain, and secondly at the request of the good monks and nuns at Wat Thamkrabok to relinquish the use of ‘Thamkrabok.net’ website domain.

Wat Thamkrabok - TARA Detox

Wat Thamkrabok

As a consequence, the pages linked to this section of the Hungry Ghost Retreats website are intended to continue to provide free information and assistance to alcoholics and other drug addicts considering detoxification and rehabilitation treatment at Wat Thamkrabok, Thailand.

In particular, these pages provide independent information about the Thamkrabok Monastery Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, Thailand.

However, the primary reason for publishing these pages is to prepare those truly seeking an end to their addictions for their journey and treatment.

For those people able to travel independently there are directions to the Monastery.

In addition, these pages are intended to continue to promote Sajja, the Five Universal Precepts and mindfulness practices as a path to and of recovery through meditation groups, particularly but not exclusively the Fifth Precept Sangha; and recovery retreats, particularly but not exclusively Hungry Ghost retreats.


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The official Monastery website is at:  Wat-Thamkrabok.org


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