Advice for Contacting Vince:  I can be contacted by telephone or email at any time but due to retreat and study commitments, I cannot always answer or reply immediately. Your understanding and patience are appreciated. Thank you!

Contact: Vince Cullen

Postal Address :

Hungry Ghost Retreats
Nalagiri House
Nenagh, Tipperary
Ireland E45 R202

Telephone :

Ireland Cell Phone     +353 (0) 85-130-4184
International Phone   +44   (0) 208-144-8548
Thailand Cell Phone   +66   (0) 94-587-0017 [only active when I am in Asia]

Email :

Hungry Ghost - Vince Cullen Surfing the Urge

“Our thoughts and feelings are just like waves; they come and they go.”

Note for Personal Mentoring : I can be contacted by Skype for personal mentoring but all sessions must be arranged in advance by email or telephone.