Foundations of Awakening & Recovery (Recordings)

From Hungry Ghost To Being Human – Foundations of Awakening & Recovery

This was a series of talks exploring Buddhist-oriented practices and principles that are intended to lead away from avoidable-suffering and to move towards the potential end of avoidable-suffering. The source material is contained in the free ‘From Hungry Ghost To Being Human’ booklet and ‘The Forgiveness Workbook’.

Avoidable-suffering is universal and takes many forms, however, this series of talks may be of particular interest to anyone currently struggling with the three fires of Cravings, Aversions and Confusions.

This series of online talks were recorded over 8-weeks and are based on the main themes in the ‘From Hungry Ghost To Being Human’ booklet as follows:

For me, these are my personal ‘foundations’ of awakening and recovery.  I say awakening and recovery but they are really the same thing. These ‘foundations’ are the principles and practices that I wish someone had told me 24-years ago when I first woke up to living life without intoxicants.

Each recorded session starts with a 15-minute meditation and lasts about 90-minutes including Q&A and sharing.

These talks were and are offered freely with an open mind, with open hands and with an open heart. This follows the Buddhist tradition of Dana (the cultivation and practise of the virtue of generosity) where you are invited to contribute financially to the teachings based on your individual income and the value that you place on what has been offered. Vince’s livelihood and the future of ‘Hungry Ghost’ retreats are dependent on the generosity of Dana.

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