Personal Mentoring

Every attendee at any residential Hungry Ghost workshop is invited to partake of a personal 1-to-1 mentoring interview that usually last between 20-30 minutes during the retreat.

Hungry Ghost Vince Cullen at New Life Foundation

Vince Cullen at New Life Foundation
[ Susan Wang Photography ]

I am occasionally able to offer further mentoring sessions, if required, by pre-arrangement.  These sessions may be in person, or via Skype; or via telephone.  Each session will last a maximum of 1-hour.


First session up to 1 hour:  This is offered to you entirely freely; but as always, if you would like to support me and the services that I offer then Dana is gratefully received.

After our first session, if we agree to work together, the following arrangements will apply:-

Further sessions are available to individuals on a Dana basis at the suggested rate of €65 per 1-hour session.  A sliding scale is suggested for those on a low, or no income; and equally for those who can afford more. [See Dana]

Note for Personal Mentoring:  Currently there are mentoring slots available; however these places are limited and at busy periods you may be asked if you want to join the waiting list.

I can be contacted by Skype for personal mentoring but all sessions must be arranged in advance by email or telephone.

If you are interested in person-centred psychotherapeutic counselling, online and in-person in Exeter, feel free to contact my son, James Cullen at