2017 June – Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu – Nepal

2017 June - Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu - Nepal with Vince Cullen

“Yes, I feel because before this retreat, I didn’t love to me. I hated myself, but after coming in here. I have learned to love myself.”

“I learn more things now from this program because it is very useful in our life. We can use it in anywhere. As I am Buddhist, I learn more about Buddhism, I learn what Buddhists say. This program must be in every school, et cetera we should share this good information to many people.”

“I liked this retreat because a respectful sir Mr Vince gave us such a wonderful first-class explanation with examples which changes my thinking towards my life and help to live life in peaceful manner. It help us concentration power and know about Lord Buddha in detail.”

“Yes, obviously I feel great kindness towards ourselves to love ourselves, forgive ourselves and it helped me to build my concentration.”

“I would like to say you are a perfect teacher for me. You shared your stories too, you were truthful and kind to us. I have a comment that carry one this kind of program hole over the world. You really can make the world Enlightenment.”

“I liked this retreat because it really enlightenmented me and my friends. I became able to find the real happiness and meditation.”

“Yes, I learnt how to kind to myself, how to keep my body calm.”

“I like these classes because Sir teaches us very slowly. Everything is very good for me, so no suggestions.”

“I liked the retreat because this program. Help us to know about ourselves, know about Buddhism, how to meditate and concentrate.”

“Yes, I feel kinder towards myself, because every people in the world must love themselves.”

“As we are unknown about all procedure, information, knowledge of meditation, then also the programme went smoothly, fruitfully and nicely as we learned much more new things. So my comment is that it was ‘Excellent’.”

“There’s only one reason behind I like to retreat. Is it was fruitful and I learned much, many many… Knowledge about life skill, meditation, and in many more topics, which was helpful for me and my friends.”

“Yes, I felt kinder towards me because as I got nice place to sleep and to eat like in my home.”

“Being Buddhist, I did not know about Buddha story that came on this lesson I have learnt more information of Buddha. I will share all of this information to all other people. They can also get good things and I will also tell them to tell other people which can be a good further.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to the kind-hearted sir Mr Vince, which explain and give such a wonderful things and more. The good way for our life and support us in every situation, and he is polite too, probably he is the best instructor I’ve ever seen. And this retreat as well.”

“Yes! I feel very good to come on this program.”

“I want to thank you, Mr Vince, to organising this program. You cooperate with us so nicely and you teach us so nicely and I am so happy.”

“I like this program because it is so helpful. From this program. I learned so many things. I also learn many things of Buddhism and Buddha. This program should not be stop. If you give chance to many people for practising it will be better. Many people can be good and mindful from this program.”

“Yes, I felt that this program was interesting and so good. I feel so good. From this program, because you answer all our questions and you give many examples.”

“Being in Nepalese and going in monastery I didn’t know a lot of information. But when you came in, tell us this information. I knew more about Buddha. Keep it up, your spirit Mr Vince.”

“I really liked this retreat because I’m getting rid from electronic device and I’m focusing on the walking meditation on sitting meditation.”

“I really have any suggestions to give you Mr Vince. Keep it up you and spirit, and we will miss you. You are very funny, loving and forgiveness person.”

“Yes, now I know that to love and respect myself and others. I would like to notify you that this is really good.”

“I really understood what Mr Vince taught us. He helped us and taught us many new things. I’m very thankful to him. I would suggest him not to ask/same thing to everyone rather that they would answer themselves.”

“I like to retreat because we got to know many beneficial things like meditating, concentrating, finding happiness, et cetera, that are really important in life.”

“Yes, I have learnt to feel kindness towards myself.”

“The overall meditation workshop was interesting and enjoyable. By doing meditation. My body feeled, relaxed and calm. This workshop really helps to be concentrated and also to do different meditation.”

“I really like to retreat because our teacher Vince was really helpful and fun loving guy and he teached we didn’t feel bored. And also it made my body calm.”

“I think this workshop can’t be better than this. It was very helpful to us. Mr Vince has made us feel better.”

“After the retreat. I feel that I need to love myself and to be concentrated. This entire retreat was interesting and helpful.”

“The retreat went well for me it was fruitful. Mr Vince taught us very nicely and fluidly. There are no complaints.”

“I like the retreat because it’s very useful for us in daily life. It helps to increase meditating power, concentrating power. From retreat we learn different knowledge about Buddhism.”

“I loved five precepts. It helps us in day-to-day life.”

“For running this program. Firstly, I want to thank Mr Vince were cooperating with us and sharing knowledge. I like this program very much. Because of this program, now I can give my full concentration in studies without any disturbance.”

“I like this program very much because it will be helpful for us in concentration. By learning about concentration how I can give my full concentration in studies.”

“This retreat would be better if you would give chances to many other students or people of different countries because they would also like this program like we do.”

“Yes, I felt that this program was interesting and I felt good.”

“If this program could be an ashram, then our habit would have changed easier.”

“I like to retreat because of the lovingkindness of our teacher.”

“Being a Nepalese, I didn’t know about Buddha more than you knew. I am really fortunate to attend your retreat and I hope I will become a totally different person than I was previously.”

“It helped me get a lot of inspiration from Buddha and his thoughts. It also helped me change my thoughts and taught me the true meaning of happiness.”

“If we wouldn’t have to wake up at 6 AM and get ready, then a retreat would be more better.”

“Yes, now I know to love myself much than others.”

“There is no comments or suggestions. Mr Vince taught us very nicely. He is a good teacher.”

“I like to retreat because of it we get to know more about Buddhism. It will help me to get rid of video games.”

“Yes, I feel kinder towards myself. I would rate entire retreat very nicely.”

“This workshop has been very fruitful to all of because Mr Vince taught us many things about Monk, and Buddhism. He is a very good thinker and teacher.”

“I liked the retreat because it is very useful for our day-to-day life. It helps to increase our memory powers, focusing power. From retreat we learned many different knowledge of Buddhism and how to stay quiet.”

“I really don’t have any suggestions to make this retreat better because Mr Vince is a very kind and good teacher. He is calm, fun, loving and caring person. We loved his company toward us.”

“I loved precepts because it is useful for our day-to-day life. The retreat was very good because I learned how to silent meditation.”

“It provided very condensed theory of Buddhism into very simplified forms and activities.”

“I loved five precepts.”

“I really like this retreat because I’m getting rid of using electronic devices. And by doing meditation. My whole body gets calm, relaxed. I’ve been concentrating more nowadays because of meditation.”

“It has been a great time with Mr Vince. I hope everyone should come to this because it is is very good retreat.”

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.