2017 August – Everyday Nirvana Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Everyday Nirvana - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen - Thailand - 2017

“The retreat opened up a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel opened up but I’m considering having some therapy to explore where these emotions stemmed from.”

“The retreat met all of my expectations and helped me identify aspirations.”

“Some supportive text in HGR booklet – an explanation of the ‘Wheel of Becoming’ would be good.”


“Perhaps the afternoon session might begin with some mindful movement? It was very hot in the afternoon and I found it difficult to stay present. Perhaps some exercise would help?”

“I loved the focus on the Brahma-Viharas. I found the discussions helpful and enabled people to discuss how the teachings can be applied in real life.”

“The retreat would be better if everyone showed up that every session 🙂 “

“I feel good, a little exhausted, but in a good way.”

“It met all my expectations. I aspired to make a start on beating my burnout and succeeded.”

“All I can ask for is more activities, and more hands-on, discussion-based practice, but that said this is a meditation retreat, so maybe my expectations are askew.”

“I liked the retreat because… the food, the people, the structure, as well as Vince, who is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. His compassionate attitude is something I will aspire to.”

“I feel much more hopeful, I just hope this continues.”

“Yes, in general, I felt more comfortable on this one than the last one and was able to share.”

“Was a bit warm and insect filled in the Forest Hall, which made it hard to meditate at times.”

“I liked the retreat because… I was surrounded, in general, by like-minded people.”

“The retreat would be better if… Everyone came to every session, not dropping in and out. The retreat centre should be clear about the level of commitment and attitude needed to be on the retreat.”

“Can let go of some past regrets and worries, feel better, and want to make meditation a daily routine.”

“… I especially appreciate that it was a shift between teaching, meditation, and sharing, which makes meditation easier.”

“I feel all our activities are limited to space in and near the Forest Hall. It’s helpful, but I think if we move some activity, e.g. sitting meditation and teaching into a natural & broader environment, it might give some refreshed feeling; e.g. when weather is good, we can also meditate in nature under the sunshine.”

“I liked the retreat because… it’s dynamic & has a focus on recovery.”

“… strong recovery and a deeper commitment to 12 steps, & Buddhism.”

“… feel more forgiving and more committed.”

“Was more than I expected and extremely informative. Thank you :-)”

“Retreat was great. Great experience.”

“So now I feel stronger and more confident.”

“I was hoping to get more focused while meditating and it really helped to learn Qi Gong. Thank you.”

“I feel quite satisfied in the past five days of the retreat. Very grateful to have this space. Among a community to practice and share. There were a few points of connection that I really appreciated.”

“Nice energy from the discussions that took place between participants.”

“I liked the retreat because… I got to meditate and talk about meditation. The teaching sessions were interactive.”

“I didn’t notice any specific changes but that’s also because I been working on self-love for quite a few years now. I appreciate having the messages reinforce this.”

“I think it did not change too much but I feel more safe now because I am more sure about the fact that suffering is a choice.”

“I liked the retreat because… it was not too difficult.”

“Recovery status continues to remain ‘in progress’. I was challenged by some ‘stuff’ that turned up (with a vengeance) in meditation. Can I move through this without the need to self soothe? I hope so. I feel tired.”

“… retreat provided an opportunity to practice meditation and delivered content that was relevant to my expectations.”

“Felt a bit ‘old-fashioned’ & Religious at times.”

“After the retreat, I feel recharged with being and caring energy for myself. More important, I feel hopeful for the future and not scared anymore; I feel I know now I have the resources to deal with my Demons, as long as I take time to listen to them/myself.”

“Did the retreat meet any of your expectations and aspirations… Yes and no. No, because I expected the retreat to give me tools to ‘manage’, ‘deal’, ‘kill’, my addictions and issues. Yes, because it gave me a totally and radically different view on them, a kinder view, which makes me feel stronger and more accepting of myself.”

“Thank you! For the Qi Gong, I would have liked more explanations on the name and benefits of each pose we practised.”

“Just an idea: would be nice to encourage us to write our own personal meditation phrases.”

“I liked the retreat because… Vince was extremely kind and happy and so in caring his teachings. Very inspiring. The retreat was intense but not overwhelming so. As a beginner I felt really walked gently into Buddhism, the five precepts… etc.”

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.