Unityify Radio Show

Poster for Unityify Radio Show with guest Vince Cullen

From Phillip Larkin to Gabor Mate via the early Buddhist teachings.

Vince Cullen

Many thanks to Unityify, Milliah Shah and BlessRadio1 for the opportunity to share some of my personal journey from Hungry Ghost to Being Human.

I hope that it might help anyone struggling with addictions and compulsions to know that there is life after and without alcohol and other drugs…

…a life free from shame
…a life free from blame
…a life free from guilt
…a life free from craving
…a life free from aversion
…a life free from confusion
…a life full of potential.

For more information about a possible Buddhist-inspired approach to addiction and recovery, please feel free to explore the Fifth Precept Sangha website.