2013 July – Being Human at Conforti Institute – Scotland

Mindful Recovery - 2013 July - Being Human at Conforti Institute - Scotland with Vince Cullen

“Definitely got to have a good look inside my own head.  Able to understand a lot of the chaos.  Able to let go of some old ghosts.  Able to be a lot more forgiving of myself and all around me.  Able to change some of the fear and confusion into love and kindness.  Did get to do a lot of soul searching.  And look inside of myself.”


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“I feel healthy and content.  I liked the retreat because… it did what I expected it to and more.”


“Learned so much, a lot of soul-searching, self-discovery.  Let go a lot of ghosts.  Made me calm, more loving and accepting, forgiving, patient, actually enjoyed my own company for a change.  Teacher was excellent, made everything clear, really helpful!  Thank you for everything, glad I came.  Worthwhile doing this.”


“I feel joyful, happy and free.  I liked the retreat because… it met the needs of the retreat group.  Emphasis on loving-kindness.  There was no gossip and no complaining.”


“I feel committed to abstinence, more confident in my ability, increased self-knowledge/confidence.  Committed to daily meditation practice and to learning more about Buddhism.  The retreat was a deeply compassionate experience and I’m filled with gratitude.  It was an extremely special experience.  I’ve made some wonderful friends to share recovery with.”


“I feel so relaxed, so much more confident, self belief is coming back 🙂  The retreat was above all of my quotations and aspirations.  I liked the retreat because… it has helped me to practice meditation more effectively, it has led me to believe in myself or begin again at least.  To show love and kindness 🙂 ”


“I’m happy to be drug-free.  I feel like I’ve had motivation for life nurtured, feel happy content and relaxed.  Have some clarity of mind and an enhanced tool-kit to keep this going in my daily life.  Only one word to describe this experience-amazing!  I liked the retreat because… roller-coaster of emotions and feelings.  It took me on a journey of self-discovery, an amazing experience, I will put into practice some of the things I have learned as it can only benefit me in mind, body and spirit.  Cheers Vince 🙂 ”


“I am feeling great.  Feeling more in tune with self.  Which I was needing so much.  I miss my own self as it had been that long ago since I was me!”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.