2013 October – Being Human at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Mindful Recovery - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at Sunyata Centre Ireland (October 2013) with Vince Cullen

“I feel strong, renewed, positive and optimistic.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all of the wonderful things in my life and a sense of joy which I have not felt before.  I have never understood concept of self-love until this retreat because I could not see anything about myself to love, because my standards about what was lovable in a person was unattainable.  It seems now that my attitude has changed, and become much more holistic, less ideological.  I hope this will only grow with my continuation of practice.  All my life of practice self-hate instead of self-love”


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“It gave me much needed time out on the opportunity reflect consider the way forward.  I learned a lot about meditation and Buddhist philosophies.”


“I now have hope and I have faith in myself and all that I have learnt.  By the time I arrived I had no expectations, so the retreat has been a true blessing.  It gave me the opportunity to heal in what is a very short space of time and I’ll be leaving inspired.”


“My expectations were not met in the way I had imagined and yet the week exceeded my expectations in terms of the outcome.  This was most likely due to my lack of knowledge about Buddhist practices.”


“I feel more comfortable with my recovery and haven’t had time to reflect in a helpful way.  I feel more hopeful content.  It gave me space and time to reflect and breeze.  I met some lovely people and enjoyed company.  I developed a peaceful, content feeling found those free of anxiety.  Thank you!”


“I feel… Less afraid of the future.  More confident that with practice my own and in Sangha I’ll become stronger also resilient.  Feel energised.  Looking forward to the practice ahead.  Am more happy.”


“I feel a bit more positive about myself.  Very frightened of being alone… As if I want to get better and live a good life I now know I need to create a new way of living without the people who are already in it, which is scary.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.