2013 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Mindful Recovery - 2013 March - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation Thailand with Vince Cullen


“I really enjoyed the ‘Sit-and-Share’, and just the time to be able to practice different forms of meditation while in recovery.  I really thank you for your beautiful program, this has helped a lot.  Many blessings.”


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“Yes.  I’ve been inspired to continue my practice and to go for an intensive retreat (10 days) someday.”


“I really liked… Forgiveness meditation in combination with the precepts was excellent.  Loving-kindness meditation.  ‘Sit-and-Share’.  Morning readings.  When you shared personal experiences.  Overall, this was an excellent retreat for me.”


“More than I was hoping for.”


“I feel confident, learnt a lot, practised a lot, relaxed, positive, happy, peaceful, calm.” 


“As you warned and indicated pre-retreat, contrary to my hesitation, I really loved walking meditation!  It was fantastic on all levels – time spent, not too long, not too short – just enough to get into it.  I found it much easier to easier to concentrate outdoors and whilst doing something.”


“I feel quite good.  Very light.  More joyous.  I wouldn’t mind a cigarette and a cup of coffee, but I’m not going to seek them out.”


“It was great to get so much practice with different forms of meditation.  If anything, even more variety would have been nice.  Vince, you were always kind and understanding and did your best to explain what can often be difficult concepts.  At least, in my book.”


“The two topics – Forgiveness and Metta were defined beautifully.  Interwoven and reflecting Buddhism, Vipassana and 12-Steps created a beautiful retreat.  The use of volunteers to read, and sharing in the evenings, and Q&A – enhanced the intimacy of the retreat.  You – Vince – caring about what you talk is deeply affecting.  Thank you.”


“The facilitator, Vince, embodies what he talks about / he walks the talks.  Your humility; non-presumptuous must; your willingness to remain a participant-who knows addiction and recovery first-hand, make you are trustworthy, and attractive presenter.  You are unassuming; willing to admit you don’t know and share your own experiences – not too little, not too much.  The retreat was meticulously planned: readings, schedule, handouts, topics.  Great job!”


“Less may be more.  However, very very good job in getting close to the target… I really liked… Long sitting Thursday.  Evening sharing time.  Sitting.  Vince’s gentle heartfelt sweetness and spirit of service.  Well done, brother Vince. Many many thanks.”


“I have resolved to make some changes in my life and I feel the retreat provided some practical means to help me carry these out.”


“Vince’s facilitation was superb!  Great familiarity with relevant Buddhist teachings conveyed clearly; Vince is unassuming, unpretentious leadership, sharing of personal struggles, pleasant, happy disposition, provided good modelling of what benefits practice can bring.  I also like the way you dealt with all the participants’ questions and comments – with respect and patience.  I appreciate your good organisation of the retreat and keeping on schedule.  Also liked the peer/participant facilitation.”


“Feel like I got a perspective to gain more self-insight and awareness and towards healing of issues from the past.”


“I really liked… The practical guidelines in doing meditation, the setting of the ‘mental scene’ for the meditations.  The open atmosphere that developed, the level of trust.  The possibility the be back in a sort of ‘normal life’ outside the retreat, providing opportunities for falling into one’s ‘behaviour traps’ on a small scale, providing opportunities for reflection and making the step back to real life less sudden / big.”


“Recovery-I feel inspired with this new information I have received, it could even be life changing!”


“Just loved it!  The new knowledge I received.  Community.  Vince.  Just how it was all laid out.  Loved the evening meetings.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.