2013 February – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at Sunyata Centre Ireland (February 2013)

“Thank you.  This is one of those times when words can’t possibly convey what it is I want to say to you – and yet thank you and a deep bow I hope give you a sense of my gratitude.  Everything has changed and nothing has changed.  I had it all wrong – the way I saw people, life… Everything – should have gone to SpecSavers!!!”


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“I feel the spiritual path presented works so well with my 12 step program.  I liked meeting others on the retreat, interacting in a friendly way.”


“I feel committed to continuing to not drink alcohol and embody the five precepts.  Retreat was very well balanced overall.  Perhaps a bit less guided meditation would be good, although this is just my own preference!”


“I can appreciate the difference between abstaining and abandoning.  I really liked the explanation of Papañca, with Vipassana practice, the Forgiveness practices, Metta practices, the explanation and Sajja vow.”


“I feel… Enhanced and a lot more at ease.”


“I really liked… The explanations and clear reference to the practice.  Loving and kindness given to people in the practice i.e. let be not perfect.  Would like to take it further maybe over long time but maybe as part-two and not introduction 🙂 “


“I feel and committed – I can see how unskilful actions/thoughts cause so much of my suffering.  I feel like I have found a way of peace in my recovery.  Being aware of judgement and resentment and actually having a practice to remove them – mini Sajjas and right effort on my part.  That’s so helpful.”


“I really liked… Walking, standing meditations; talks, lovingkindness and forgiveness practice; sitting became less painful as a week went on.  Sajja – making the vow feels like most loving thing I’ve done for myself in my life and I have a real sense of liberation as I contemplate the one I take today which allows me to let go of lifelong patterns.”


“I’m really full with excitement to study and practice meditation and mindfulness and want to learn a lot more about Dharma teachings.  It was an awesome experience would love to do it again!”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.