M.A.R.A. and the Gatekeepers

Buddhist Recovery Academy with Vince Cullen

Buddhist Recovery Academy “For most of his adult life, Vince says that he was an alcoholic but he also says that he has now been happily sober for the last 21-years. This change of being started when he deliberately, consciously – he would even say ‘mindfully’ – poured a can of lager into a glass and drank that beer knowing […]

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Swapping beer for Buddhism

Swapping beer for Buddhism with Vince Cullen

Róisín Meets Vince Cullen : A Podcast from The Irish Times I didn’t so much pour my last beer away; but I did consciously, deliberately – you might even say ‘mindfully’ – pour it into a glass and I drank that beer knowing that I would never drink again. Twenty-one years later I can say with confidence that there is […]

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Booze, Buddhism & the Body

Buddhism Booze and the Body with Vince Cullen

BOOZE, BUDDHISM AND THE BODY WITH VINCE CULLEN Vince Cullen joins Mark Walsh to talk addiction and Buddhism. They discuss what addiction is and how the body the relevant to it, why the body is central to Buddhist practice and how mindfulness can help with addictions of all kinds from alcohol, to drugs, to food to Facebook! Vince and Mark […]

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What is “Buddhist Recovery” ?

What is Buddhist Recovery with Vince Cullen (Hungry Ghost Retreats & Nalagiri House)

What are the Defining Characteristics of Buddhist Recovery? Disclaimer! “My views and opinions are simply that; views and opinions. They are subject to change over time; and they are not necessarily the Truth.” Kevin Griffin, Noah Levine, Vimalasara and myself each had about 10-minutes to share our thoughts on ‘Buddhist Recovery’. But that’s not enough time! In short, for me, […]

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Buddhist Recovery Summit – October 2017

Vince Cullen at Buddhist Recovery Summit 2017

The Buddhist Recovery Summit (website) The Buddhist Recovery Summit 2017, organized by the Northwest Dharma Association, in conjunction with the Buddhist Recovery Network, was held at Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey, Washington on the weekend of October 20-22, 2017. Some of the questions we explored included: What are the defining characteristics of Buddhist recovery? How does Buddhist recovery intersect with the Twelve-Step model? What are […]

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2017 August – Everyday Nirvana Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Everyday Nirvana - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen - Thailand - 2017

“The retreat opened up a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel opened up but I’m considering having some therapy to explore where these emotions stemmed from.” “The retreat met all of my expectations and helped me identify aspirations.” “Some supportive text in HGR booklet – an explanation of the ‘Wheel of Becoming’ would be good.”   “Perhaps the afternoon session might […]

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2017 June – Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu – Nepal

2017 June - Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu - Nepal with Vince Cullen

“Yes, I feel because before this retreat, I didn’t love to me. I hated myself, but after coming in here. I have learned to love myself.” “I learn more things now from this program because it is very useful in our life. We can use it in anywhere. As I am Buddhist, I learn more about Buddhism, I learn what […]

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2017 June – Being Human in Dharamsala – India

2019 September - Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Kunphen Center, Dharamsala, India with Vince Cullen

Hello Mr. Vince, It was very kind of you to conduct the Hungry Ghost Retreat for the second time in Kunphen Center, Dharamsala. We are immensely grateful for taking your time out to connect with us and show our clients the path to recovery. This week long retreat, consisting of various meditation techniques interspersed with qigong (Mindful Movement) has had […]

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2017 May – Being Human Retreat for Freely Given Retreats – England

Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Freely Given Retreats with Vince Cullen

“Now, I feel brighter about the future and my eating – for ‘need not greed’. Although I have a very unstable life style – where it may not be possible to eat in silence.” “It went beyond my expectations. The teachings, have encouraged more “food” for thought :)”. “I would have loved more silence, but I also understand that connection […]

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