2017 May – Being Human Retreat for Freely Given Retreats – England

Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Freely Given Retreats with Vince Cullen

“Now, I feel brighter about the future and my eating – for ‘need not greed’. Although I have a very unstable life style – where it may not be possible to eat in silence.”

“It went beyond my expectations. The teachings, have encouraged more “food” for thought :)”.

“I would have loved more silence, but I also understand that connection is helpful, for growth in this case.”

[I liked the retreat because…?] “The teacher, the teachings, the openness of the teacher. The safe nature of the environment to be so open and honest.”

[The retreat would be better if…?] “It could be offered to the whole world.”


“I feel more energised and ready to face my fears and anxieties. I feel I can be in charge of my happiness. I want to keep practising and learning more.”

[Did the retreat meet any of your expectations…?] “Yes… at the halfway mark I was still so confused and then I realised some truths on Wednesday evening looking at the stars.”

“I have the Sajja (vow) to not drink for six months. I am very optimistic. I will adhere to this for the sake of myself and others that I love. Today I see a new dawn.”

“Words cannot describe it, I just knew in my heart it would be amazing and life changing, but I never dreamt it would be so special.”

“The amount covered was so expansive, you are able to be yourself, able to speak freely. Vince is absolutely amazing, so warm, generous, witty, down to earth, really an inspiration. What I have learnt this week will always be with me.”

“… I feel hopeful, something I’ve not felt for a long time.”

“I have had time to take a step back and view my whole situation. Feel good after speaking freely about my problems.”

[Did the retreat meet any of your expectations…?] “Very much so! I would love to continue this path.”

“Newly infused about my recovery – I feel I have loads of new tools and avenues to explore. I feel very grateful to spend time with so many amazing people.”

[Did to retreat meet any of your expectations…?] “Yes, and more. It was particularly useful, the teaching was understandable and relatable, the sharing space felt safe and welcoming, and the people were amazing.”

“It was a safe, welcoming, comfortable space. The teachings were accessible and also flexible to meet the group’s specific needs. I got LOADS of insight and suggestions. I think this was an amazing aid to my recovery. (The retreat)… Far surpassed my expectations.”

”A beautiful site (High Heathercombe Centre), generous, welcoming and friendly volunteers supporting the retreat. And marvellously wise and in true ‘loving-kindness’ teacher, Vince was brilliant.”

“Brilliant. Informative. Loving and caring.”

“I felt loved, safe, protected, more than ever by the loving-kindness and generosity.”

“I like the retreat because of the people, the quality of the teachings.”

“I feel very positive and not scared to deal with my recovery. I feel I have great tools and resources to use.”

“Overall absolutely fantastic, very generous and reinstates my faith in people and society. Vince, you are a lovely man with a good heart, and I appreciate your ‘loving-kindness’ and your generosity. It was easy to relax here, plenty of spaces together and be alone.”

“… I realise I am not selfish by wanting to take care of me.”

“I feel like I’m equipped to handle my challenges. And I feel emotions fully, which is scary, but good.”

“Wonderful. Thanks to ‘Freely Given Retreats’ for making this available for all.”

“I like to retreat because introduced a new practice to me and helped me accept some of my downfalls.”

“It was interesting because the very thing that drew me to go on the retreat (OCD – type behaviours and thinking) actually got triggered on the retreat, which threw me as I thought that I had it under control. However, I then overcame that by the last day.”

“Vince answers questions insightfully and thoughtfully.”

“I learnt a lot about myself and what I need.”

“It got much better (socially) towards the end, however, I grew weary of the meditations by the end.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.