2019 March – Being Human – New Life Foundation – Thailand

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation - March 2019 - Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost Retreats - Nalagiri House

After the retreat… “I feel more informed and ‘lighter’.  It was a very compassionate space”. “Clearly extremely knowledgeable, it was delivered with authenticity and human relatable.” “And interestingly poignant and personal life stories, to coincide with teachings, made it human – as was the name of retreat – Being Human.” After the retreat… “Feeling amazing!  At peace, excited, energised and […]

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The Pearl in Sorrow’s Hand

Vince Cullen - The Pearl in Sorrow's Hand - Podcast - Hungry Ghost Recovery Retreats

The Pearl in Sorrow’s Hand… “22-years ago when I was at my lowest point, overwhelmed with sadness and self-loathing, as I drank my last beer, I was oblivious to the gift that was being offered to me; the Pearl in Sorrow’s hand was the chance of sobriety, the chance to see things as they really are.” A poem by Rumi, […]

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