2019 March – Being Human – New Life Foundation – Thailand

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation - March 2019 - Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost Retreats - Nalagiri House

After the retreat… “I feel more informed and ‘lighter’.  It was a very compassionate space”.

“Clearly extremely knowledgeable, it was delivered with authenticity and human relatable.”

“And interestingly poignant and personal life stories, to coincide with teachings, made it human – as was the name of retreat – Being Human.”

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After the retreat… “Feeling amazing!  At peace, excited, energised and so grateful for community.”

“Thank you Vince – please do let us know how we can help you
and your journey.”

“I missed communicated structure (an agenda).  And I specially missed interaction with other participants.  The subject is brought up, it would be good to have 2X2 minutes to share what it means to us and have a group discussion afterwards.  The setup was too scholastic for me.”

I liked the retreat because… “Of the different subject/approach compared to other retreats I have attended before.”

After the retreat… “I don’t feel as if I’m in recovery at all, and instead simply opening my eyes.…  It opened my mind back to my reality and made me explore thoughts I had not realised I could look at without suffering and by the end my suffering had ended.”

“It has been very challenging to try and forgive myself and even painful just to touch on a lot of it.  This made ‘Sit-and-Share’, activities with group experiences very important.”

“The way it challenged and broached a lot of stuff for me
and then answered the reason I was holding on to those aspects of myself
through addressing impermanence.”

The retreat would be better if… “The walking meditation was able to be optional as I struggle to meditate with guided meditation a lot and I can do a lot more with silent meditation, so would have loved to do that instead.”

The retreat would have been better if… “Perhaps breaking people up into smaller groups.  The various exercises/activities – the energy in the room seemed to dip at points and I think movement around the room may help.  It would also help bond the group even further.”

The retreat would be better if… “Only could be better if it was a few more days.  Although I also feel that the timing/time spent was completely adequate.”

After the retreat… “I have become more vulnerable, the meditations provided a much-needed softening of my experience.  I experienced a new method of meditation with tangible benefits that I would like to continue.”

“I personally would prefer more practice but understand the
demands of the schedule.”

I liked the retreat because… “It gave me a fresh insight (into) meditation – more focused heart practice.”

The retreat would be better if… “There was an extra day, more interactive group sharing.”

“I feel more vulnerable, and open to the possibility of being kind to myself.  Really enjoyable and useful.”

After the retreat… “Less helpless.  I can see the possibilities of change again.”

“Introducing visualisation in meditation.  I found it difficult to follow all the words
and simultaneously evoke a feeling.  Also
more time to think about words, repeat them in my head would have been needed.”

I liked the retreat because… “Altering walking and sitting meditation.  Prayer flag ritual.  Morning readings were great!”

The retreat would be better if… “There could be no movement exercises in the evening ‘Sit-and-Share’.  There would be a short break before lunch (maybe finish 15 or 20 minutes).  There would be less ‘words’ in the meditations.”

After the retreat… “I feel even better about myself.”

“Vince, I love your stories, thank you.”

The retreat would be better if… “There were more breathing
meditations on day two (Tuesday).  It all
seemed quite rushed, too much content for three days (Tuesday to Thursday
morning)?  More meditation time.  Two days of noble silence!  One day longer.”

“This is a wonderful retreat for forgiveness.  Well done Vince!”

After the retreat… “I feel more relaxed, positive and more awake.  Lots of things and feelings came up.”

I like to retreat because… “There was a little of everything.”

After the retreat… “A little shaken, questioning my moral compass.”

I liked the retreat because… “It allowed me to take a more objective look at myself.”

Retreat would be better if… “May be some lying meditation.  There was more interaction between group.  Maybe all meals together.”

After the retreat… “I feel the introduction to this style of recovery/mindfulness was very helpful.  There is a space for compassion towards myself now that this retreat helped foster.”

“I did not have any (expectations) but I am very grateful, thankful and happy that I participated and learned a lot.”

“Very informative and enjoyable.  Keep ‘em coming  Vince.”

“It was my first retreat, very serendipitous.  I will continue the practice.”

The retreat would be better if… “It were longer, incorporated yoga versus Chi Gong, had massages and we could explore posture, more to alleviate pain.”

After the retreat… “I feel like I’ve had some true insights into mind, that will take some time to process.  I’m in a more real place with myself.”

“Would have liked to see/hear more contemporary philosophy, not everything seemed to have relevance in modern life.”

“I will definitely continue this practice!  I’ve had some amazing insights during this
time.  It gave me an intro to insight
meditation in a group setting and pushed me to approach my past and present
with a sense of self compassion.”

“The last five days have been life changing, turning thoughts into words into future good deeds.”

“Excellent week in so many ways.  A brilliant week of reflection, contemplation and joy.”

I liked this retreat because… “The unexpected nature of such a place (New Life Foundation).  Food, tranquillity, connections with people.”

The retreat would be better if… “It were closer to home.  🙂 But the journey was truly worthwhile.”

“The steps in recovery meditation are made very clear.  It has emphasised the need to keep clear
intentions and follow through with actions to support these intentions.  The daily practice was exactly what was

I liked the retreat because… “It gave me an intense awareness of the five precepts and meditation practices.”

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.