2015 June – Everyday Nirvana Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand


“I feel more at ease, I struggled with the retreat as there were many frustrations but that is something I am hopefully able to learn from this week with life-coaching.  I really enjoyed the Dharma talks and it has inspired me to investigate further.  Although meditation was a struggle I think I will find it a lot easier now.”


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“I feel I’ve learnt a lot or “relearned” things.  Brought some stuff have already heard to the forefront of my mind and want to make the Brahma-Viharas a priority in my life.  I feel a bit more at peace.”


The difficulties I faced.  Dharma talks.  I was able to learn a lot from ‘Sit-and-Share‘s.  My meditation has improved – although I still have a long way to go – it’s a working progress.  I loved hanging the prayer flags.”


“The feeling of peace and that I’m ‘on the right path’ / doing the right thing as continued throughout the retreat; I’ve had some beautiful meditations and some challenging ones (especially in the afternoon when I’m tired); I feel hopeful that I’ll continue meditating for at least half an hour per day after leaving New Life Foundation.”


“Vince is an incredibly gentle and compassionate teacher, not to mention patient!  Making a Sajja vow was an important thing for me and I will stick to it, I feel like it’s a necessary step in my recovery.  The chance to practice noble silence was a very welcome one for me and I would like to introduce some element of it to my life after ‘New Life’ – perhaps one meal time per week, or every breakfast.  Good mix of walking, seated and mindful movement meditation.”


“I feel even more relaxed and happy actually I don’t get touched by other people or the status of the world any more.  I feel compassion for them and able to forgive them for not knowing or not understanding and I hope I’ll become even happier a more peaceful every day.”


“Taking Sajja was a big deal to me.  Had some insight into feelings of anger and irritations.  I loved your teachings on the last day especially, and about ‘Mara’ more of this please.  Opportunity to take vows is a real incentive I think.”


“Vince is very open, honest, caring, experienced, knowledgeable and generous teacher / leader.”


“Thank you Vince for your efforts on our behalf.”


“Had a great experience, examples of ‘Mara’, temptation and overcoming it.  I feel… strange a bit, and a better understanding of behaviour of the mind… delusion.  I liked the retreat because of you Vince, for your wisdom, generosity and commitment!  Reminder of my responsibility to take care of self and that there is a solution.  Ritual of Sajja very powerful – thanks.”


“I feel released from something that has been in my mind since the end of last year.  Free again!  I feel quite happy, like has nothing big was troubling me.  I didn’t have expectations, but I’m really glad I joined.  I learned I do have addictions and where they come from.  Know I have to deal with them and change them.”


“Pleased by having the feeling to have found what I was looking for.  I had no expectations.  I am grateful for what I have found.  I was able to improve my meditation practice.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.