2015 August – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand


“The retreat did bring into focus some past events that I was able to look at again, but with a lesser degree of pain…more objective.  I liked the retreat because it is a safe way of looking at issues that can hold people back in life, in a safe and supportive environment.  The prayer flags are beautiful, cathartic and it is a very emotional and healthy exercise.”


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“I’ve learned how to forgive myself and use loving-kindness meditation bringing peace and quiet to my mind.”


“I liked it because I have achieved something I wasn’t even aware of.  I improved my meditation.  I understood and answered a lot of my own questions.  I was far out of my comfort zone, and from a deep dark spot I was brought back to the light.”


“My only expectation was to learn how to meditate, but I also learn how to forgive my actions of the past and I decided to take a Sajja.”


“Feeling… optimistic, I’ll be adding mindfulness meditation to my morning routine/ritual.”


“More confidence and trust in practice.  The teachings and guidance were clear and organised.  I appreciate your sincerity and openness.”


“Feeling… relaxed. Slowed down.  Moving more mindfully.  Speaking more mindfully.  Re-energised.  In a bit of a  daze really.  OK to face the world inspired.  Loving myself.  I love meditation.  I enjoy the guidance.  I liked Vince’s insights and general knowledge.”


“Feeling tranquil – I enjoy the pace of the retreat.  I like to do retreat because of Vince’s gentle and generous demeanour.  Vince made everyone feel welcome and at ease.  The pace was perfect – not stressful or overwhelming.  Well done!  I’m really happy I signed up thank you!”


“Still on a journey of recovery.  Gained more insight into ‘suffer > action > suffer’.  I feel motivated to continue practising meditation.  It made me calm and gave me a sense of understanding my actions and thoughts.  Feels like I’m getting more and more to a core understanding.”



“The explanations were extremely well thought out.  I appreciated to learn to meditate.  I enjoyed the location.”


“I am confident that this retreat has given me more tools to manage any situation of risk.  I have more understanding of my relationship with compulsory behaviour, like drugs, alcohol, etc.; of the harm of cause myself and others, and on the way to be free from that.  I feel happy that I decided to come to this retreat.  The structure and presentation and time management was well organised.  I felt motivated as it was clear guidance and organisation.”


“I enjoyed the tea meditation, very good idea!


“I feel better with tools to combat my addictions and problems in life.”


I feel amazing.  The last day truly brought everything together.  Yes.  I feel kinder.  I’m so happy this journey is just begun.  I’m so grateful.  It was a nice and gentle intro to meditating and becoming aware of my inner self.  I felt so safe and comfortable.  I really think Tuesday and Wednesday are necessary and vital to growth (silent or not).


Feeling good, tired, full on retreat, feel kinder towards myself.  I made Sajjas I didn’t know I was going to make.  I like to retreat because we learned how to meditate, the morning readings, sharing, practice meditation quite a lot,  I made Sajjas, I made friends.

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.