2015 October – Being Human Retreat at The Barn – England

Mindful Recovery with Vince Cullen

“I feel… more secure in sobriety. Planted some seeds towards self-forgiveness and being able to live easily with myself.  I certainly learned more about causes of craving, and effective ways to practice forgiveness.  I found it quite intensive and I was quite exhausted on some days. I learned a lot and am very glad I came.  Group sharing is always good for me and it helps me break down the barriers with the outside world.  I also like being part of other people’s recovery.”


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“I wanted to leave on the first day!”


“I feel… easier in my own body, my heart isn’t so heavy and I now know that only I can make me happy for it comes from within.  Thank you for bringing me peace.  I liked the retreat because… it is ‘homely’, peaceful and above all ‘calming and serene’, just what my soul needed.  Thank you.  I found it to be perfect for me in every way.”


“I feel… more enthusiastic, renewed energy, new way of looking at life and my life to help me personally and ultimately my recovery.  Wonderful to have prayer flags and serenity.  It is an invaluable place to exist, so much gratitude it is here; the people, the venue and the teachings.”


“I feel… Lighter, less blockages, my heart feels full of feeling I haven’t felt since early childhood.”


“Taking the vows was (there are no words)… Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for all poems, books, booklets, prayer flags, your time, your kindness, thank you for listening and letting me put down the weight of a burden that’s been crying out to be witnessed by another.”


“I liked the retreat because… It was a place an addict like me can come.  That was who I was, that is not me after yesterday, nor would be me in the future.  PERFECT :-)”


“I feel so blessed.  This is such a needed retreat.  There is nothing else like this so accessible to people in need.”


“I like the Sajja vow; feels a little more concrete, the vow of abstinence (or rather a vow of awakening) and a happy life.  It feels less harsh, being abstinent.  Good amount of readings in literature, love the bookmarks, flags, all the little things – very significant.”


“I liked the retreat because… It was specific and dealt with addictions didn’t make people focus and identify/own their substance.  It was nice to learn another method of recovery and about Buddhism, liked experience, v.good.  Vince was kind, loving and knowledgeable.  Walked his talk.”


“I feel I’ve learned more about Buddhism and how to love myself, forgiveness, forgiveness my addiction and harm given to others and to me-I feel more confident read my recovery feel on the right path.  Yes, I found intensity hard-but feel that it was good also in being able to learn about Buddhism and addiction.  It gave me space and time to confront my addiction to alcohol with fellow alcoholics.”


“I feel… Clean, well, serene and with more understanding about why became an addict.”

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.