2014 October – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Hungry Ghost Retreat in the meditation room at Sunyata Buddhist Centre

“I feel very certain that recovery is my path and that the sitting will only strengthen my resolve.  By being present in the now and by staying in the present no matter how hard it may be physically or emotionally or mentally – it keeps me sober.  The retreat was more than I’d hoped for and covered all the topics that I hoped would be touched upon and though it didn’t give me all the answers I was looking for it did show me that sitting practice and Buddhist principles ARE on the path…”.


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“I feel more hopeful to achieve sustainable change.  Everybody here was a teacher, generous, honest, warm, supportive, accepting.”


“I was very grateful to be here and to be able to benefit from the experience and wisdom of the teacher and input from the staff (sharing their experience) and from the many participants.  I LEARNED so much about meditation and the principles of Buddhism and feel very inspired to keep going.”


“Committed.  I am a Dharma practitioner.  I’m committed to recovery.  I’m fortunate to have been at this retreat.”


“I am feeling very happy and content and very hopeful and positive.  Vince is a lovely soft-spoken man and I really enjoyed his meetings.  Really enjoyed the peace away from phones, Internet and TV.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.