2017 April – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat at Sunyata Buddhist Centre with Vince Cullen - Ireland

“I feel good, open but hesitating how I will handle and use it later.  I was not able to make some ‘wow’.”

“It overcomes [my expectations].  I expected ‘more meditations’ but without teaching be so good.”

“I am more happy.”

“I feel strong, clear and calm, kinder and more compassionate to others and myself.”

[I liked the retreat because…]  “Time away. Space. Brilliant people.”

“I feel better in every part of my being and that I have some very helpful tools to refer to when I leave the retreat.”

[The retreat…] “Was everything and so much more.  I never expected anything like to beautiful experience.  I have just had.”

[The teaching was…] “Wonderful. I feel blessed and inspired and extremely grateful.”

“I really got so much from this whole experience.  The silence was very helpful for time to look inward.”

“Loved it!”


“I feel my heart is so open and I feel connected to myself and others, and has inspired me to build community for myself and build a more dedicated meditation practice.”

“I try not to have too many expectations of people, places and things, but this retreat has been a wonderful experience, so loving and such a safe space.  It was great learning for me about Buddhist concepts and ethics.”

“I felt safe, the group dynamic was so good… Leading a ‘Sit-and-Share’ so good for self-esteem but had I been in a more vulnerable place it may have been hard, so maybe exercise caution around this.”

“Magical, practical, healing.”

“The retreat has been a beautiful healing experience.  I feel like my heart has so much more room for love and compassion.  My mind, also has space beyond the negative thoughts, which is something I haven’t had in a long time.”

“Yes.  I came on retreat to give myself time to do some healing and have certainly done that.  This experience has honestly been life changing and very much what I needed at this particular part of my journey.  The meditation space combined with the teaching and peer support had been such a loving and healing experience for me.”

“It gave me space and opportunity.  I needed for healing and love.  I love the combination of teaching, meditation practice and peer/mutual support.  These combined made the whole experience feel very, holistic and humanising.  I found strength and hope here that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I had so much fear aversion that first day, and while there is fear, I am able to file with an open heart.  Thank you for these tools and this learning.”

“Excellent.  Beautiful.  Healing.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.