14 October 2023 Lima

The whole focus of the Buddha’s teachings was to bring the process of ‘rebirth’ to an end. The reason given for rebirth is ‘craving’ for sensuality and the ‘craving’ for continued existence. From my personal perspective, I am confident that this is my one and only life, and that’s enough for me. I have no expectation or desire to do this all over again.

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International Mindfulness Conference 2021

Workshop: A Forgiveness Empowerment The following is a transcript of my contribution to this conversation with William Frey, Barbara Soltero, and Paula Watson at the 4th International Mindfulness Conference, on Thursday, July 8th, 2021 My name is Vince Cullen. I am an Irishman and ex-alcoholic. I am not particularly attached to either of these two identities but in my lifetime […]

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