12 October 2023 Dublin to Bogotá

In search of marmalade sandwiches

Today (October 12), I am heading west towards South and Central America as a complete change from my usual direction of travel towards Asia.

As with my trip to Kapikoy, I am going to post some random pictures on Instagram (max 10) and a snippet of text about thoughts and observations.

The trip to Kapikoy took in 35 countries over 16-weeks which was pretty breakneck. This new adventure will take place in various locations in 5 countries over 7-weeks.

Takeaway Travel Tip: if you need a Yellow Fever vaccination the Health Center at Bogota Airport only operates 8 am to 5 pm.

October 12, 2023

Alarm set for 3 am as a taxi is booked for 3:50 am to take me to the bus stop in Nenagh, from where the airport bus will depart at 4:30 am.

Going through USA preclearance at Dublin Airport was a new experience for me and enables shorter transfer times between connecting flights. 

The flight from Dublin to Atlanta was heaving, so I was grateful to share a spare middle seat between myself and another passenger on the 8-hour flight. But it was still not the most comfortable of journeys. I did enjoy the new Indiana Jones and TMNT movies, and a couple of hours of sleep.

On arrival in Atlanta, I received ‘assistance’ to walk 300 metres between gates… not sure why… getting old!!!???

Just before takeoff for Bogota, I decided to book a room near the airport for the long layover … I don’t think that I could manage another 19-hours before getting some sleep… and probably better to get some overnight rest, even just a few hours, than wasting a day in bed in Lima.

The flight from ATL to BOG was full but I had a window seat and there was a small boy (uno niño) sitting next to me. The tiny in-seat entertainment screens didn’t work but my head was full of cotton candy so it didn’t matter. My head may have been full but my stomach wasn’t… the meal service was being delayed because of turbulence.

On arrival at Bogota there was a long queue to get through immigration but I made it out by 9pm. I went straight to the Health Centre on the 2nd floor to see if I could get a Yellow Fever vaccination but, as I half expected, the centre was closed.

I took a yellow cab to the apartment I had booked and was in bed by 10 pm. My alarm is set for 3:30 am.

Despite the early start today, there were notable moments of a sense of well-being during the exhausting journey!

Duolingo Lesson: Yo tengo un perro grande que se llama Freddy y es de México.

If I had a big Mexican dog called Freddie this would come in super useful in everyday conversation as I navigate my way through South and Central America.


Budget Costs: 

  • Dublin to Lima & San Jose to Dublin with Delta Airways €727
  • Overnight apartment in Bogotá through Booking.com €20
  • Taxi from/to Bogotá Airport €10
  • Taxi from Nalagiri House to bus stop in Nenagh €65
  • Bus from Nenagh to Dublin Airport – Free (for pensioners)