23 November 2023 Uvita

I started to walk the route that takes 4 minutes in a car and 40 minutes on foot. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Google maps tells me the walk took 42 minutes, it felt a lot longer.I arrived at the Uvita Pirates Hostel just before 5pm. Literally on my last legs. I dumped my bags on a picnic table outside and took a seat; I couldn’t move any further just now.

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19 November 2023 Puntarenas

I stood in the shade of a closed shop doorway and booked a room at the Hotel Don Robert a few blocks away. Even last year, this would have terrified me! Travelling somewhere without booked accommodation, let alone arriving somewhere without a hotel booking would have kept me up at night, I would feel like I wasn’t in control. (PPS+R … protect, promote, satisfy and repeat!)

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17 November 2023 Santa Elena, Monteverde

We were each given small torches and off we set with our guide. It did start to rain quite heavily but under the cover of the forest, not a lot was getting to the ground. The tour was great fun, an interesting diversion despite the weather. Not that I got to see too much during the tour, it is of course potluck which gritters you might spot. I did see a couple of tarantulas, an opossum, various birds trying to sleep in the trees, some different spiderwebs, caterpillars and bees. I enjoyed the walk, and I enjoyed the experience.

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