2016 October – Being Human Retreat at The Barn – England

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen


“I was not aware it was a one-week ‘intensive’ but there were a lot of ideas to introduce, and repetition of meditation practice is the practice.”


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“I have never felt more alive and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Vince.”

“I feel I’ve moved on to a new stage in life where the desire to drink will be less. However, I can still feel its attractiveness and some fear remains.”

I liked the retreat because… “The quiet, peacefulness and lack of everyday obligations gave me time to reflect and plan for the future. Being a participating part of a community of those with similar difficulties.”

“I am happy to have been here. The people who I have met are truly inspirational all in their own ways and wonderful.”

“I was not sure what I would get out of the retreat, but I have found a lot of clarity of my thoughts and I see more clearly what and how I want to grow.”

“Vince – ‘I love how human you are’. Thanks for speaking to us about your feelings.”

“It would have been beneficial to know how long the teachings would be. To identify free time.”

I feel… “A bit tired, but enriched enormously by the teachings and the shared experience which has been wonderful and humbling.”

I liked the retreat because… “I really enjoyed meeting other addicts and sharing knowledge and experiences. The teachings were really good and continue to inspire me to practice. I have gained confidence to try AA again.”

The retreat would be better… “For me, more free time to recover and digest the practice. I felt too overwhelmed to take it all in. More specific information on the […] website and a retreat timetable/schedule would give people better choice.”

“Made a Sajja and felt such intense relief, now I have the Buddha, and Sangha keeping me real and focused too.”

The retreat would be better… “Make it painfully obvious. It is not a ‘retreat’ but an intense mindful programme.”

I like to retreat because… “Great Dharma, sense of community and group healing through openness and generosity.”

“All of my expectations have been met, and largely exceeded. I’ve been able to admit my state and have found a good start in living life without alcohol. The teachings were excellent.”

“Might be a good idea for two weeks. Being greedy, though!”

I really liked to retreat because… “It allowed me space to be honest with myself. It is taken me 50 years + to get here.”

“Fantastic experience. Better than booze any day!”

I feel… “Recovery still strong, other issues have come up and in a healthy way. I feel happy and uplifted.”

“If I’d known the intensity and timetable, I would maybe not come… It has introduced me to discipline and meditation in a very good and effective way.”

The retreat would be better if… “More info given about what Teacher expected of us, on website – made very clear if poss.”

I feel… “Very positive towards ‘recovery’ and towards a meditative ‘Buddhist’ lifestyle.”

“More than met most [expectations and aspirations], but not all. I hadn’t expected such an intensive ‘teaching’ programme and little time to get out.”

I liked the retreat because…
(a) The venue.
(b) The group.
(c) The generosity of the teacher.

The above comments are taken directly from written feedback completed by individuals during this retreat.