2016 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

mindfulness based Addiction Recovery


“Right now it’s like this” – I love this phrase and I will remember to put into practice every day.


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“I feel… Happy, content, peaceful.”


“I did not know what to expect.  But, there was a lot more practice than I thought there would be, which was a great challenge, but it turned out to be a big growth experience for me.”


“I can meditate for a longer time; I am sleeping better.  I close some chapters of the past of my life.”


“Vince is a person with real-life experience and an interesting long journey of self development and to care for others.  This said, it was very interesting to have the teachings and experience from a person like this.  Vince is kind and very open to discussion and discuss any subject, we would like to talk about and this way we could bring our own fears and doubts to the meetings.  I liked all the subjects brought to meetings and I learned a lot about Buddhism and relations.”


“I really appreciated the noble silence day, so I would like to suggest at least three days a silence (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday).”


“Although now I am still in a very difficult life situation, I recite Metta for myself and I feel better.”


“I have learned what I wanted.  I am more able to switch my attention to positive thoughts.  And I did not expect that phrases of love and self-compassion could be so powerful.”


“I like to do retreat because… I had a chance to experience how powerful self-compassion and self-acceptance are.”


“I felt like it was the last day before summer vacation, so really good.  It was much more than I thought it would be.  I learned so much, both good and bad about myself.”


“I feel much more positive after retreat.  I’m feeling very grateful that you led the Hungry Ghost Retreat and that I was able to participate in it.”


“I felt very comfortable at the venue (New Life Foundation) and felt that it offers us a lot of space to be mindful and to meditate.  It also felt secluded which added to the benefit of being part of the retreat.”


“Thank you for being so patient and helpful with all of us.”


“I truly enjoyed the retreat, because you gave us the time to meditate and to learn forgiveness practices, but most of all it genuinely helped me to figure out my own dilemma that was originally bothering me and for that I am truly grateful.”


“For the first time in a long time. I’ve began to practice kindness towards myself, noticing more often when I’m judgemental and critical of myself.  This is a big step for me.”


“I liked the retreat because of your patience and compassion.”


“Thank you for your hard work!  I had great insights during the retreat, feel kinder towards myself, and want to nourish & cultivate my practice.”


“I received a final push to finally shift from searching to finding.  I found the key to make a change in my life, to make the changes inside myself to end my suffering.”


“The retreat… met my expectations – and I got more from it – that knowing that I need that.  Thank you for hosting, Vince.”


“It gave me what I needed – without knowing what I needed.  It came at the right moment in my life.  Thank you for travelling the world and sharing your knowledge and experiences.”


“I came a bit closer to myself – with compassion because it moved me so much.”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.