2016 June – Being Human Retreat at Dharamsala – India

“May All Hungry Ghosts free from the problem.”

“Let peace and happiness be with all sentient beings”.

“I never forget its time.  Thanks for you.  Every time God help you.”

“We thank your kindness and wish you be a good human beings.”

“May all addicts overcome with their addictions.”

“Thanks, to help me better recovery.”

“Thank you for sharing and caring.  We love you……”

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“Dear Vince Cullen La,

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming to here and sharing your wonderful retreat with us.

We are happy that the concept of Buddhist approach for our recovery has been introduced to us by you, which will go on to enhance our lives, thoughts and actions in a very big way.  It is one privilege and honour and kasina(?)  To be associated with you in this way and we’ll continue to practice what you have taught us.

We are grateful to you for laying the basis or the foundation upon which the treatment model of Kunphen will be based.

We pray and hope that we will continue to meet each and every year.

Thank you.”

The above comments are taken directly from written feedback completed by individuals during this retreat.