2015 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand


“Had hopes – I could go deeper in my personal growth experience with this retreat.  I feel relaxed, my meditation is deeper and more serene.  Aware that Buddhism is not my path to growth.  I had high expectations that deeply moving insights would come.  But this experience seems to be about ‘what is’ and cultivating positivity to ‘what is’ – so not what I expected.”


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“I liked the retreat because… Gave me time.  Made me meditate.  Expanded my mind.  Calmed me.”


“Very much enjoyed opportunity to learn about and take Sajja.  Committed to my Sajja vow of sobriety for one year.  I benefit greatly from meditation.  People and world around me benefit from my meditation.”


“I feel… a little more irritated, uncomfortable.  Realising a lot of things about myself, and loving compassion / forgiveness for others as the hardest; and that I’m holding onto a lot of hurt that has all manifested into anger.  But good because I am now AWARE, which I wasn’t before.  I’m slowly connecting everything to include the tools given.  Meditating and realising things I never or barely knew of myself.”


“I liked this retreat because… It had the perfect amount of meditation to irritate me but not too bad.  The talk you gave before based on experience was great.  The Metta and F this orgiveness I think are the most important yet the hardest.  I like the suttas, they are very true but will take some time to actually comprehend fully.”


“I liked this retreat because… I got some insights and knowledge that I didn’t have before.  I know a little more about the basic background of Buddhism.  I didn’t do a loving-kindness and forgiveness meditation before; that was nice.  The flags were a nice way to spread loving-kindness creativity.”


“I feel good.  Busy mind but open heart.  I had some insight during the ‘May we be happy’ part with a ‘Good Friend’.  I also enjoyed the reflections on Precepts.  I liked the retreat because… I like to do retreat because… kind teacher, sharings, precepts.”


“I feel like I have some more tools and help with my recovery.  The retreat was very relaxing and full of loving-kindness, mindful movement and prayer flags were very nice.”


“I feel… nourished, at ease.  Vince is warm and genuine, down-to-earth, unassuming and very approachable.  Lovely teacher!  Learned a lot.  I feel replenished and nourished.”


“I really enjoyed the mindful tea. It was helpful practice for my eating disorder.  I feel comfortable doing Metta and Forgiveness practices on my own now.  I liked the retreat because… You have an easy / good voice and tone the guided meditations.  It was a good way to really dive into Metta and Forgiveness practices.  A nice change to my typical mindfulness practice.  I LOVED the mindful movement!!”


“Grateful for having learnt a lot from retreat.  Inspired to take my practice further.”


“I feel… More relaxed, tired, exhausted, learned some tools for recovery.”



“I appreciated this retreat.  As mentioned Vince, you are a great individual, keep up the great work!!  It was a great retreat.  I am sorry I couldn’t be more attentive as I would have liked to be.  Thank you very much.”


“I didn’t have many expectations but I feel like I’ve gained some valuable insights.  I liked this retreat because… Partly for the emphasis on loving-kindness.  The individual sitting and walking sessions were not too long.  I liked the teaching!”


“I am feeling… Comfortable and uncomfortable, and with new insights, clarity, and a feeling of having let go of some emotional blocks.  I liked the retreat because… It’s a good group experience to develop a Sangha and see where each person is at on their journey.  The group experience helps feel the support.  I liked the simplicity of the instructions from meditations (loving-kindness and forgiveness).  Simple yet powerful.  Thank you so much!!  I enjoyed it so much!”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.