2018 June – Being Human at Margaret Austin Center – Texas, USA

Vince Cullen - Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat at Margaret Austin Center - Texas - USA (June 2018)

“It’s so important in recovery to know that you are not locked into an addict self, unchanging forever.  Focusing on the five precepts shows how to begin the transformation and the journey.  I found the retreat inspiring.”

“Vince is a lovely man.”

“I feel very committed to my recovery, and I feel positive, happy, and peace.”

“I feel that I can continue my practice of present-time-awareness, which will let me see my clinging and aversion arise, and then I can set it aside with kindness.”

I liked the retreat because… “It focused on the five precepts as a framework for the harm and suffering in our lives, then it included forgiveness work on that harm.  There were many beautiful poems, anecdotes and stories which added to the quality of the retreat, as well.  And the Metta practice balanced out Forgiveness work quite nicely.”

“I felt a spiritual ‘tingling’ feeling all up and down my body during my Sajja I want to add Chi Gong to my yoga.”

“I feel peace right now.  My need for being heard were met, and I wasn’t criticised for the challenges I have with the hindrances.  The retreat gave me more confidence about a Buddhist perspective on recovery.”

“One thing I enjoyed about retreat is the teacher’s humility.  Especially his gratitude for our patience with him.”

I liked the retreat because… “He clarified concepts that my reading were not able to clarify.  I like the shorter sits.  I think it is an awesome opportunity to set back into retreats or for abstinence.  The mixture of science and spirituality.”

“Yes, I do feel kinder towards self.  I have more understanding and empathy.”

“Reinvigorated.  It let me understand how young and developing my practices.”

“Suggestion: when reading/sharing a passage/text/Sutta it would be helpful if everyone had a copy of the passage in front of them.”

“Although I did not feel in danger, I feel recharged and recommitted.”

The retreat would be better if… “were longer.”

“I am happier than I was and I honestly feel like my heart is opened up more than anticipated.”

“Recovery status: Fifth Precept, for life!  (Sajja).”

“I feel as if the parts of my heart that were once open have begun to open again.  Open to a new love and to the possibilities that come my way with a clear lens of compassion.  Thank you Vince!  Much love my friend!”

“I am grateful for the opportunity to have had this community and the teachings to help cultivate compassion, joy and an open heart.”

“I am blessed to have been able to attend this retreat.  I feel I have a new practice to add to my life that would improve my recovery and life overall!  I feel that my Sajja set a new intention, unlike any resolve I’ve ever made.”

“Beyond any expectations I could have had!”

“It opened my eyes to a whole way of living that will change my life.  It will have positive effects on those near and far in my life.  I was able, to the best of my ability, to leave my normal life on the backburner.  I was able to focus on my intention, and the teachings.”

“Fantastic and life changing.”

“I feel Buddhism, in general, and Refuge Recovery, in particular, are helping me take my life in new and better ways, along with other practices like yoga.  The precepts and peaceful ways of Buddhism seem to be the path I’m now on.”

“I feel the Sajja may have hopefully been a letting go….”

The retreat would be better if… “I feel that the Hungry Ghost retreat book did not quite match the content or schedule of the retreat.  There were some things in the book that were not touched on, and I feel these could be eliminated and the framework re-tooled to match the content and focus of the retreat.”

“I hope you will get an agent if you don’t already have one to get your publisher to get all your wonderful work published and thus available to an even broader audience.  It’s really good work.”

I liked the retreat because… “I feel it was calling me.  I believe I made an important Sajja turning point, and I have some ideas about my own work and practice moving forward.”

“Excellent! Thank you!”


The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.