2018 April – Being Human at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat at New Life Foundation with Vince Cullen - April 2018

It was intensive but maybe it had to be that like that!

I liked the retreat because… even though it was challenging and triggering, I still got a lot of knowledge out of it and know that this path will still be there when I decide to take it! Thank you!!

AirCon would have been useful, other than that, I absolutely love it!

I liked the retreat because… it allowed me to take an opportunity, away from everything else, to observe myself and also, even though I have no difficulties in loving and accepting myself now, it gave me an opportunity to practice more, which is great. Thank you! I loved the ‘Sit-and-Share’.

Images by Maroussia Mbaye Photography

I feel grounded and my heart is open, lovingkindness has done good.

Sajja should be prepared more (finding the right one).

I feel the retreat touched on things very relevant to me, at times, I felt grief. Right now, I feel happy. I got through it. I am pleased. I have more of an idea about remorse and relieved that there is a way of ‘letting go’ and setting myself free again.

I didn’t have expectations, but I am very happy to have sat the retreat. I do feel as if I have achieved something, like climbing Snowdonia but understand that I have to continue the practice for the benefits to stay with me.

I have found that my back has got very tired, but I don’t know what could have made this better. I chose not to sit on a chair. The room lighting was fine. A lot of windows do not help in the heat. I think the venue is excellent for a retreat, the walk to the Forest Hall being beautiful, and the grounds around are perfect for walking meditation. I don’t know if the acoustics are to blame for some people being difficult to hear.

It didn’t really change anything for me, but I don’t have difficulties in loving myself. It gave me an opportunity to practice more, though!

I liked the retreat because… it touched me, it showed me a way out from my suffering, particularly because by remorse and beating myself up, and then looking for happiness outside me.

It wasn’t an ‘easy’ retreat, but not having been on many retreats, I can’t really say. It was supposed to stretch us and it did.

I am very grateful to you for this retreat.

Would you recommend this retreat to others? I would but I would warn them it goes deep, and it is not always easy.

There should be clear explanations of the process – whilst we were told that Tuesday would be difficult, maybe it would be helpful to know why it’s important to keep going 🙂

Maybe have people to discuss or say their expectations right at the beginning of the retreat. We might have understood better why some people left at the end of the second day.

Feel that I have learnt a few new tools and approaches to my recovery… Think I got a better understanding of how cravings for almost anything will cause me suffering.

The schedule was a bit intense for beginners!

Today I feel scattered, but feel one step closer to freedom. I was afforded time. My practice is unchanged but I have retained information that I believe improve it.

Real-life evidence that meditation is of benefit, which came briefly on the final day. It was in English and the ‘share’ every evening was a nice inclusion. The retreat would be better if… complete silence.

I feel even stronger in my recovery and feel calmer overall. I feel more capable of handling upsetting situations. I feel a renewed commitment to being ‘well’.

It was exactly what I was looking forward to, and what I needed.

Wow! I’d heard of New Life, but never imagined how beautiful it would be. The colours, the space, the pool, gathering spaces, et cetera… I love how natural it feels. The animals (pets) are added benefit. I hope that they are cared for with vaccinations and sterilisations 🙂

The ‘Sit-and-Share’ session was my favourite – I wish we’d had more group discussions.

This retreat made me want to attend more!

It was a great space for useful reflection. It help me get in touch with calm. It, ultimately, reminded of what’s truly important.

The above comments are taken directly from the feedback forms completed by individuals during this retreat.