International Mindfulness Conference 2021

Workshop: A Forgiveness Empowerment The following is a transcript of my contribution to this conversation with William Frey, Barbara Soltero, and Paula Watson at the 4th International Mindfulness Conference, on Thursday, July 8th, 2021 My name is Vince Cullen. I am an Irishman and ex-alcoholic. I am not particularly attached to either of these two identities but in my lifetime […]

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What is enlightenment?

Blue Buddha Image

Today it’s a special episode as we host a great debate between 2 wise old Buddhists – on the merits of AA and alternative recovery programmes, what works? What doesn’t? Whats hokum? Where does Buddhism and the 12 steps fit in with all this?
~ Dave G. (Here’s Tom With The Weather podcast)

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Heart & Soul – Buddhist Detox

Wat Thamkrabok - The Buddhist temple treating drug addiction.

“It is interesting to note that the current Abbot, Phra Atikarn Vichien Gitiwanno, says the herbal medicines are only 20% of the treatment offered. I don’t entirely agree with this percentage, in line with the founding Abbot Luang Por Chamroon Parnchand whom I met in 1998, and I would put the contribution of the herbal treatment at just 5% of the efficacy of the entire programme.” – Vince Cullen

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Everyone Suffers From Mental Illness

Vince Cullen founder Hungry Ghost Retreats talks about Buddhism as part of his life

“Buddhism asserts that everyone suffers from mental illness; that is simply being human; that is the baseline. Thank you, Andy Palmer, for a very enjoyable and wide-ranging exploration of how this reality played and continues to play itself out in my life!” ~ Vince Cullen

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