Personal mentoring is now available

Every attendee at Hungry Ghost retreat is invited to partake of a personal 1-to-1 mentoring interview (usually between 20-30 minutes). Further interview sessions are available by pre-arrangement.  These sessions may be in person face-to-face or via Skype and last 1-hour. There is no cost for these sessions but you are invited to offer Dana as you see fit. Click here […]

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What’s the difference?

'Sit-and-Share' Meetings

What’s the difference between the Fifth Precept fellowship and Hungry Ghost retreats? Fifth Precept Sangha (Fellowship) : is a Peer Led, mutual-help organisation that uses Buddhist mindfulness teachings and practices to help people make a wholehearted recovery from the suffering caused by addictive behaviours. This approach encourages individual commitment to total-abstinence and includes peer led ‘Sit-and-Share’ recovery meetings – Hungry Ghost Recovery Retreats […]

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Vince Cullen and Vomiting Your Way to Sobriety in Thailand

Vince Cullen and Vomiting Your Way to Sobriety at Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand - Hungry Ghost Retreats - Nalagiri House

A colourful story…–-interview-vince-cullen For more about the unique approach to detoxification and recovery at Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand see – Wat Thamkrabok For more information about taking ‘Sajja’ beyond Wat Thamkrabok see – Sajja – A Practice for Transformation

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Cold Turkey in a Hot Climate: Detox Treatment at Wat Tham Krabok

Addiction treatment from a unique Buddhist perspective. I wrote the article ‘Cold Turkey in a Hot Climate: Detox Treatment at Wat Tham Krabok‘ for the special ‘Addiction‘ issue of the Buddhist magazine ‘Inquiring Mind‘ in 2010. It seems like a long time ago now but the content is still just as valid today. This special edition of ‘Inquiring Mind’ also […]

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