Nalagiri House – ‘Everyday Mindfulness’ – Retreats in Ireland

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Vince Cullen Nalagiri Mindfulness Centre

Nalagiri House – A Place of Refuge

Serving Weekly Mindfulness Retreats to the Community

Nalagiri House will offer 7-day (6-night) mindfulness focussed retreats where individuals may find themselves within a supportive community.

Retreats will start on Sunday at 4pm and come to a close on Saturday at 9am.

Nalagiri Mindfulness retreats will be suitable for anyone with some meditation experience; or anyone wishing to cultivate a meditation practice; however these retreats may be particularly beneficial for individuals who feel that they suffer due to stress, anxiety, ‘burnout’, depression, or those individuals who are in long-term recovery from abuse, relationship or addiction issues.

Please note: Nalagiri House is not a detox centre nor is it a rehab. 

At Nalagiri House our shared aspiration is to :

  • Cultivate a mindfulness practice for daily life, supported by western Buddhist enquiry.
  • Balance community life and quiet personal reflection, following our weekly schedule.
  • Experience and develop a compassionate, appreciative and joyous approach to life.

All rooms are twin occupancy meaning that accommodation is shared with one other person.

There will be a maximum of 10 retreatants on each retreat.

Buddha overcomes Nalagiri with Vince Cullen

Buddha tames Nalagiri, the Wild, Angry, Intoxicated Elephant

Right Now It’s Like This


I will meet today with appreciation and joy;
with friendliness and kindness,
with compassion and generosity,
and with understanding and acceptance.

For more information or answers to questions you may have, please call or email us as follows:


Telephone +353 (0) 85 130 4184 or +44 (0) 2081 448548

Website: (under contruction)

Nalagiri House leaflet for download : Nalagiri House Meditation Centre – Everyday Mindfulness.pdf

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