02 November 2023 Barranquilla

In search of missing restaurants

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Antifrustrationism is an axiological position proposed by German philosopher Christoph Fehige, which states that “we don’t do any good by creating satisfied extra preferences. What matters about preferences is not that they have a satisfied existence, but that they don’t have a frustrated existence.” According to Fehige, “maximizers of preference satisfaction should instead call themselves minimizers of preference frustration.

“Antifrustrationism has similarities with, although it is different from, negative utilitarianism, the teachings of Buddha, Stoicism, philosophical pessimism, and Schopenhauer‘s philosophy. In particular, negative preference utilitarianism states that we should act in such a way that the number of frustrated preferences is minimized and is therefore directly based on antifrustrationism. The difference is that antifrustrationism is an axiology, whereas negative preference utilitarianism is an ethical theory.”

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My hotel room has coffee making facilities, a rarity so far on this trip. So, I take advantage of that fact and indulge in coffee in bed… one of my favourite preferences, and as Sharon Robinson sings “…you never let me down, Caffeine”.

“…you never let me down, Caffeine”.

Once sated, partially at least, I left the hotel in search of somewhere to have breakfast. My first choice based on Google Maps reviews had a comment that suggested this particular restaurant was now permanently closed, but still listed! So, I went in search of my second choice based on favourable reviews. After walking around in circles for at least 20-minutes it became apparent that this eatery is also permanently closed. 

I decided to walk to Parque Washington for no other reason than it gave me a direction to head in the hope of having my breakfast preferences satisfied. Along the way, I stopped at a TOSTAO’ Café & Pan shop for “un cafe” and some pastries. Sadly it was all very uninspiring. As I sat at the window of the establishment, I watched people outside walking by in different directions with notes, folders, envelopes, and what were obviously x-rays. The area where I am having coffee is a ‘medical district’ with many different hospitals and clinics and pharmacies. The young, the old, the well and the infirm all going about their personal business.

“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die. Or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now.”

Joan Baez – folk singer, songwriter and musician.

As the Buddha observed, life is difficult and then you die. I am grateful to be alive with a modicum of ‘good’ health… although it’s probably more accurate and better described as not having too much ‘bad’ health. 

I arrived at Parque Washington and just sat for a while in this small and unremarkable space, grateful for having nowhere to go and nothing to do. It was approaching midday, so I stopped for lunch at Benito Juárez Tex-Mex restaurant which had mixed reviews but now was a good time to have lunch and I have been craving some Mexican food for a while now. I ordered a mixed Fajita which was disappointing – there’s that word again! – but the Coconut Lemonade was a treat for the tastebuds.

And that was it for my day. I am travelling tomorrow, so I am not inclined to knock myself out today.

Good night.

PS: Just a point of interest in that I had another bout of ‘travellers tummy’ overnight. I am not sure who or what is to blame, that seems irrelevant after the fact.

Budget costs:

  • Coffee and pastries at TOSTAO’ Café & Pan € 2.50
  • Lunch at Benito Juárez Tex-Mex € 10 including service charge.
  • NH Collection Barranquilla Smartsuites Royal booked through GHA Discovery € 46 per night (Junior Suite without breakfast

Link to more images at @Kapikoy100

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