Sitting with Pointlessness – Living with Potentiality

Photo of Vince Cullen
Event Start Date:
16th October 2022
Event End Date:
16th October 2022
Event Venue:
ONLINE - Sangha Live

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During a recent retreat that I sat, the teachers’ instruction was to hold the question ‘What is this?’ in mind. While sitting on the cushion, the thought struck me that my life is futile! I am genetically programmed for survival and sex; everything else is just distracting window-dressing. This talk will explore the journey from the apparent ‘futility’ of human existence to the ‘fertility’ of human experience; the crossing from pointlessness to potentially.

During this session, we will be exploring the topic “Sitting with Pointlessness – Living with Potentiality” through the image of the R.A.F.T. that is to:

* Recognise what it is to be Human.
* Abandon painful compulsions.
* Familiarise yourself with what freedom from painful compulsions feels like.
* Train the body and mind to live a good life.

The class is 1.5 hours long and begins at 11am PT (L.A.) / 2pm ET (N.Y.) / 7pm BST (London) / 8pm CEST (Paris)

Learn more & register via this link: Sunday Sangha – 16th October 2022

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