January 11, 2020 – Serenity in London, UK

Event Start Date:
11th January 2020
Event End Date:
11th January 2020
Event Venue:
ENGLAND - London

London-Insight-Meditation Waking Up in London with Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost Retreats - Nalagiri House

England – London

Serenity – a Journey without Destination

Organised by London Insight

Standard: £32.00
Sponsor: £45.00
Supported: £20.00
plus Dana

You are invited to pay the sponsor rate if you can.

If you are unable to afford the supported rate please let London Insight know. They try to ensure that no one is turned away because of lack of funds.

Bookings via www.londoninsight.org

January, Saturday 11



1-day Retreat with Vince Cullen


London : Sunday, July 14, 2019, at the Kagyu Samye Dzong, 15 Spa Road, London, SE16 3SA United Kingdom (10:00 – 17:00)

Pre-registration is required for this event.

Bookings are on a sliding scale £20 – £45 in advance per person.  If this cost is beyond your means then please contact the organiser (London Insight Meditation) about zero cost bookings. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Please bring a vegetarian snack lunch, drinks will be provided.

The retreat is offered freely by Vince Cullen. Please be mindful, or ‘remember-to-remember’, that a donation (dana) for the teacher will be gratefully accepted.

Vince will not be paid to teach this retreat. He offers the teachings freely on a donation (dana) basis as has been the tradition for the last 2,600-years. You are invited to bring along a donation on the day or to donate online at any time.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a ‘Buddhist’ (whatever that is) to practice kindness or forgiveness, meditation or mindfulness.  We are all ‘in recovery’ from something… people of all faiths or none are welcome on this retreat.

Everyone on the traditional ‘Buddhist’ path is struggling with three fires… the fire of cravings, the fire of aversions and the fire of confusions… EVERYONE! The Buddha’s very sound advice to all is that we should try to extinguish these fires, don’t add any more fuel to them; to let them go out and never relight them. Easier said than done!

Everyone on the traditional ‘Buddhist’ path is waking up – or in recovery – from greed, from hatred and from delusion; these are the inherent pre-conditions, biases and distortions of all human beings. For some individuals these factors manifest in our lives – to a greater or lesser degree – as particular cravings or aversions, or as a sense of unwholeness and disquiet; and always these mind-states are accompanied by an awful lot of confusion!

Serenity – a Journey without Destination” is a day-long retreat exploring some Buddhist principles and practices for being present in everyday life.

This retreat will be a day of talks, sitting practice and (weather permitting) walking practice devoted to cultivating ‘serenity’ even in the midst of the difficult. We will practice some silent meditation; and some ‘Heart’ practices.

“There are to be seen beings who can admit freedom from suffering from bodily disease for one year, for two years, for three, four,​ five, ten, twenty; who can admit freedom from bodily disease for even a hundred years.

But, those beings are hard to find in the world who can admit freedom from mental disease even for one moment…” 

~ Buddha (Anguttara Nikāya Volume 2 – vii (157) Disease.)

Free PDF download – The Forgiveness Workbook

The charge, if any, for the day goes towards covering actual retreat costs and the teacher’s expenses.  Vince does not get paid to offer these teachings (see Dana below).

Please bring your own simple vegetarian lunch.

Booking is essential, so to ensure a place, please contact the relevant retreat centre – see the schedule.

It is important to note that you do not have to be a Buddhist to practice kindness or forgiveness, meditation or mindfulness. People of all faiths or none are welcome on this retreat.

A Commitment to Harmlessness:

As for all retreats, retreatants are required to commit to the Five Precepts (harmless conduct) for the duration of the day:

To refrain from harming any living being
To refrain from taking what is not offered
To refrain from sexual and sensual misconduct
To refrain from false speech (including idle gossip, harsh and divisive speech)
To refrain from taking substances which disturb the balance of the mind.

DANA: Vince Cullen offers this retreat freely in accordance with the Buddhist tradition of Dana (the cultivation and practice of the virtue of generosity) where you are invited to contribute financially to the teachings based on your individual income and the value that you place on what has been offered. Vince’s livelihood and the future of ‘Hungry Ghost’ retreats are dependent on the generosity of Dana. There will be more details of this during the retreat.

Retreat Information

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