In The Ring

© Phra Hans Piyathammo Ulrich Kämpfer

If you want, Thamkrabok is a station in-between your past life as an addict and your new life, finding your right track after having arrived back home.

Be sure, if you practice Sajja (sacred vow) seriously, it will lead you!

But first you have to detox your body. This is like defeating the enemy-army disguised as a friend, which you have let invade your body and your soul. The medicine with the vomiting will be your heavy weapon. When the enemy-army is getting defeated, hundreds of thousands of “prisoners of war” will leave your body. This might cause you some sleepless nights and some pain. But if you courageously and patiently endure, the victory will be entirely yours!

We cannot do the fight for you, but we will give you our support. If we took the fight away from you, we would steal your victory! You would leave once more unchanged. We will be at the ringside during this big fight; as coaches and as supporters. When your body is starting to get clean, your opponent will show itself in its full dark size! In order to win, you will have to face it! You will be alone in the ring! This is the moment when everybody wants to run away…

The fight has only one law: If you run away, you are defeated; if you hold through, you will win!

In order to endure, you have to be skillful and clever! Like the guerilla-fighter, you will have to invent tricks: 10 minutes of sleep here, a good talk there, a nice memory, an encouraging music, an unknown fruit, a flower…a massage…

Try to avoid nourishing darkness with thoughts, speech and action!!

Don’t make yourself crazy with your mind! Don’t pull yourself down! Indulging in guilt, fear or in the position of the victim, will lead you deeper into darkness! Try to nourish what is pure, good and happy, full of light, hope and love, with thoughts, speech and action! Avoid bad company.

This time you are really challenged!

Use your time here to think about your future, because you must find out, what your right track is! That is all that matters! If you look for it, you will find it! It starts right from the middle of your heart! If you are on the right track in your life, and if you build up your will power to keep on it, there will be joy and satisfaction. Frustration, anxiety and boredom will fade away, drugs will thus become totally unnecessary. Nobody says that it will be easy. But it is the only way that will lead you to be the master of your life, instead of living like a slave. The American natives say that if a person wants to become whole, he must be a warrior and at the same time a healer. The warrior protects the healer, and the healer gives the warrior its sence.

In your fight, here in Thamkrabok, you are a warrior and at the same time your healer! Here, in the ring of healing, your warrior qualities are challenged!!

Your opponent will try to get you in the night, when you can’t sleep and when you feel exhausted, discouraged and weak! Be prepared!

By coming to Thamkrabok you have chosen to win the war! Even if your self-esteem might be low after years of drugging and self-defeat, you have chosen now, to make your hero’s journey.

Don’t forget one thing: the hero is not made in those proud hours after victory, but in those long, desperate and hellish hours while he passes through darkness without giving up!

The gong has been hit.

Good luck to you!