Healing with Mindfulness

I am continuously inspired by some of the images that the Buddha offers us of ‘Sati’ or ‘Mindfulness’. My talk for Worldwide Insight on Sunday, December 2nd, was an exploration of some the many aspects of mindfulness – or in my case a lack of mindfulness – that continue to play themselves out in my life. In this talk I […]

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Embodied Intentionality

Vince Cullen - Sajja - Embodied Intentionality

This talk is about what I would have liked to have heard when I got sober. It is an exploration of the ‘truths’ (Sajja/Sacca) that might lead to conviction, to directed karma, to mindfulness as ‘remembering-to-remember’, and to the path that leads to joy & beyond. An excerpt: “My talk this evening is largely based on a formulation of the […]

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2018 June – Being Human at Margaret Austin Center – Texas, USA

Vince Cullen - Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat at Margaret Austin Center - Texas - USA (June 2018)

“It’s so important in recovery to know that you are not locked into an addict self, unchanging forever.  Focusing on the five precepts shows how to begin the transformation and the journey.  I found the retreat inspiring.” “Vince is a lovely man.” “I feel very committed to my recovery, and I feel positive, happy, and peace.” “I feel that I […]

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2018 April – Being Human at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat at New Life Foundation with Vince Cullen - April 2018

It was intensive but maybe it had to be that like that! I liked the retreat because… even though it was challenging and triggering, I still got a lot of knowledge out of it and know that this path will still be there when I decide to take it! Thank you!! AirCon would have been useful, other than that, I […]

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2012 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Vince Cullen - Hungry Ghost to Being Human at New Life Foundation Thailand (March 2012)

33C in the shade but it was an interesting and rewarding retreat in so many ways 🙂   [easymedia-slider-one med=”856″]   The second ‘Hungry Ghost’ retreat was over 3-days at New Life Foundation (international mindfulness community) in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.      

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Cold Turkey in a Hot Climate: Detox Treatment at Wat Tham Krabok

Addiction treatment from a unique Buddhist perspective. I wrote the article ‘Cold Turkey in a Hot Climate: Detox Treatment at Wat Tham Krabok‘ for the special ‘Addiction‘ issue of the Buddhist magazine ‘Inquiring Mind‘ in 2010. It seems like a long time ago now but the content is still just as valid today. This special edition of ‘Inquiring Mind’ also […]

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