A Template for Forgiveness

Hungry Ghost -Vince Cullen - Healing and Insight

On Saturday January 23rd, 2016 I gave a podcast for the World Wide Insight : Healing & Insight channel. The podcast consists of a 30-minute meditation followed by a 30-minute talk then concludes with 30-minutes of questions and answers. www.worldwideinsight.org/recorded-classes-healing-insight/ My talk and the video are a little bit jittery to start with but it does all settle down. Many thanks […]

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Healing & Insight Online

World Wide Insight - Healing and Insight

Buddhist Health and Wellness dharma teachings launching January 2016 This new online initiative will be exploring the sharp edges of suffering through the lens of the buddhist teachings. Including addiction in it’s broadest sense, depression, physical and mental pain, and stress. I will be teaching on January 23, 2016 at 11:00am PACIFIC / 7pm UK Online : Healing & Insight   […]

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Download or read the ‘Hungry Ghost’ Booklet

Hungry Ghost : We are all in recovery from Cravings, Aversions and Delusions.

  ‘Wholehearted Recovery’ is a work in progress. The booklet is intended primarily as a hand-out at ‘Hungry Ghost’ recovery retreats and secondly as an informal Handbook for the Fifth Precept Sangha (see www.5th-Precept.org). The latest version can be downloaded from: www.5th-precept.org/html/downloads.html   Should you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to vince.cullen@tara-detox.org  

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There is no such thing as ‘Buddhist Recovery’

Hungry Ghost Retreats

Although I have used the word ‘recovery’ throughout this website [and the Hungry Ghost booklet], I am increasing uncomfortable with this term.  The Buddhist universal characteristic of impermanence implies that there is nothing to recover; we are a work-in-progress; we cannot go backwards!   It may be better to describe this process as ‘Life after Addictions’, or simply as ‘Awakening’ or […]

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Personal mentoring is now available

Every attendee at Hungry Ghost retreat is invited to partake of a personal 1-to-1 mentoring interview (usually between 20-30 minutes). Further interview sessions are available by pre-arrangement.  These sessions may be in person face-to-face or via Skype and last 1-hour. There is no cost for these sessions but you are invited to offer Dana as you see fit. Click here […]

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What’s the difference?

'Sit-and-Share' Meetings

What’s the difference between the Fifth Precept fellowship and Hungry Ghost retreats? Fifth Precept Sangha (Fellowship) : is a Peer Led, mutual-help organisation that uses Buddhist mindfulness teachings and practices to help people make a wholehearted recovery from the suffering caused by addictive behaviours. This approach encourages individual commitment to total-abstinence and includes peer led ‘Sit-and-Share’ recovery meetings –www.5th-precept.org Hungry Ghost Recovery Retreats […]

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2017 August – Everyday Nirvana Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Everyday Nirvana - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen - Thailand - 2017

“The retreat opened up a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel opened up but I’m considering having some therapy to explore where these emotions stemmed from.” “The retreat met all of my expectations and helped me identify aspirations.” “Some supportive text in HGR booklet – an explanation of the ‘Wheel of Becoming’ would be good.”   “Perhaps the afternoon session might […]

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2017 June – Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu – Nepal

2017 June - Being Human Retreat in Kathmandu - Nepal with Vince Cullen

“Yes, I feel because before this retreat, I didn’t love to me. I hated myself, but after coming in here. I have learned to love myself.” “I learn more things now from this program because it is very useful in our life. We can use it in anywhere. As I am Buddhist, I learn more about Buddhism, I learn what […]

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2017 June – Being Human in Dharamsala – India

2017 June - Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Kunphen Center, Dharamsala, India with Vince Cullen

Hello Mr. Vince, It was very kind of you to conduct the Hungry Ghost Retreat for the second time in Kunphen Center, Dharamsala. We are immensely grateful for taking your time out to connect with us and show our clients the path to recovery. This week long retreat, consisting of various meditation techniques interspersed with qigong (Mindful Movement) has had […]

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2017 May – Being Human Retreat for Freely Given Retreats – England

Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat for Freely Given Retreats with Vince Cullen

“Now, I feel brighter about the future and my eating – for ‘need not greed’. Although I have a very unstable life style – where it may not be possible to eat in silence.” “It went beyond my expectations. The teachings, have encouraged more “food” for thought :)”. “I would have loved more silence, but I also understand that connection […]

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2017 April – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat at New Life Foundation with Vince Cullen - Thailand in April 2017

“I feel much clearer, and more connected to myself.  Less afraid of letting myself feel.  And generally more loving and accepting of myself, and other people.” “It gave me the opportunity and the guidance to connect myself.  To feel grounded and centred.  To learn the power of being kind to myself and to forgive others.  I like the structure – […]

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2017 April – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Being Human : A Hungry Ghost Retreat at Sunyata Buddhist Centre with Vince Cullen - Ireland

“I feel good, open but hesitating how I will handle and use it later.  I was not able to make some ‘wow’.” “It overcomes [my expectations].  I expected ‘more meditations’ but without teaching be so good.” “I am more happy.” “I feel strong, clear and calm, kinder and more compassionate to others and myself.” [I liked the retreat because…]  “Time […]

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From Avijja to Nirvana – a personal reflection on the journey from confusion to liberation

World Wide Insight - healing-and-insight-vince-cullen-nalagiri-house-mindfulness-hungry-ghost-retreats

From Avijja to Nirvana – a personal reflection on the journey from Confusion to Liberation via some basic Buddhist principles, some modern evolutionary psychology, an 18-century Scottish philosopher and Charles Darwin; Oh… and a lot of short-term sexual gratification! On Saturday November 26th, 2016 I gave this podcast for the World Wide Insight : Healing & Insight channel.  The podcast consists of […]

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2016 October – Being Human Retreat at The Barn – England

From Hungry Ghost to Being Human - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen

  “I was not aware it was a one-week ‘intensive’ but there were a lot of ideas to introduce, and repetition of meditation practice is the practice.”   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2905″]   “I have never felt more alive and comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Vince.” “I feel I’ve moved on to a new stage in life where the desire […]

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2016 August – Everyday Nirvana at New Life Foundation – Thailand

2016 August - Everyday Nirvana at New Life Foundation Thailand - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen

“Everyone should sit one!”   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2712″]   “I feel more optimistic and proud of my progress. The retreat exceeded my expectations.” “I liked the retreat because it provided me with a great amount of information and tools to live a happier, more fulfilled life. The retreat helped me with my meditation practice.” “The entire retreat was very insightful – […]

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2016 June – Being Human Retreat at Dharamsala – India

    “May All Hungry Ghosts free from the problem.”   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2556″]   “Let peace and happiness be with all sentient beings”.   “I never forget its time.  Thanks for you.  Every time God help you.”   “We thank your kindness and wish you be a good human beings.”   “May all addicts overcome with their addictions.”   “Thanks, […]

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