2016 August – Everyday Nirvana at New Life Foundation – Thailand

2016 August - Everyday Nirvana at New Life Foundation Thailand - A Hungry Ghost Retreat with Vince Cullen

“Everyone should sit one!”   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2712″]   “I feel more optimistic and proud of my progress. The retreat exceeded my expectations.” “I liked the retreat because it provided me with a great amount of information and tools to live a happier, more fulfilled life. The retreat helped me with my meditation practice.” “The entire retreat was very insightful – […]

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2016 June – Being Human Retreat at Dharamsala – India

    “May All Hungry Ghosts free from the problem.”   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2556″]   “Let peace and happiness be with all sentient beings”.   “I never forget its time.  Thanks for you.  Every time God help you.”   “We thank your kindness and wish you be a good human beings.”   “May all addicts overcome with their addictions.”   “Thanks, […]

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2016 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

mindfulness based Addiction Recovery

  “Right now it’s like this” – I love this phrase and I will remember to put into practice every day.   [easymedia-slider-two med=”2468″]   “I feel… Happy, content, peaceful.”   “I did not know what to expect.  But, there was a lot more practice than I thought there would be, which was a great challenge, but it turned out […]

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2015 October – Being Human Retreat at The Barn – England

Mindful Recovery with Vince Cullen

“I feel… more secure in sobriety. Planted some seeds towards self-forgiveness and being able to live easily with myself.  I certainly learned more about causes of craving, and effective ways to practice forgiveness.  I found it quite intensive and I was quite exhausted on some days. I learned a lot and am very glad I came.  Group sharing is always good […]

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2015 June – Everyday Nirvana Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

  “I feel more at ease, I struggled with the retreat as there were many frustrations but that is something I am hopefully able to learn from this week with life-coaching.  I really enjoyed the Dharma talks and it has inspired me to investigate further.  Although meditation was a struggle I think I will find it a lot easier now.” […]

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2015 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

  “Had hopes – I could go deeper in my personal growth experience with this retreat.  I feel relaxed, my meditation is deeper and more serene.  Aware that Buddhism is not my path to growth.  I had high expectations that deeply moving insights would come.  But this experience seems to be about ‘what is’ and cultivating positivity to ‘what is’ […]

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2015 January – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

  “I feel… A lot more relaxed about my addictions.  I don’t feel the strong compulsions any more.  I feel a small one after the thought but now I understand that my thoughts aren’t permanent, I choose to be kind to myself and can let it go.”   [easymedia-slider-one med=”1474″]   “I feel… Richer, feel excited.  I liked this retreat because… It […]

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2014 October – Being Human Retreat at Sunyata Centre – Ireland

Hungry Ghost Retreat in the meditation room at Sunyata Buddhist Centre

“I feel very certain that recovery is my path and that the sitting will only strengthen my resolve.  By being present in the now and by staying in the present no matter how hard it may be physically or emotionally or mentally – it keeps me sober.  The retreat was more than I’d hoped for and covered all the topics […]

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2014 March – Being Human Retreat at New Life Foundation – Thailand

  “I have another tool to add to my AA toolbox.  I’ve been aware of mindfulness and loving-kindness the quite a while and now I have a deeper understanding of how this practice will enable me to find another level of peace and serenity.”   [easymedia-slider-one med=”1316″]   “I’m feeling lighter, and my mind feels cleared.  I’m starting to understand […]

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